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SVP International

What We Do

Going Beyond Philanthropy

Social Venture Partners does more than give money. We amplify the impact of those out to do good in three distinct ways:

  1. Connect and engage individuals, helping them make the greatest impact with their time and philanthropic giving.
  2. Fund and strengthen nonprofits, helping them take their vital work for kids and the environment to the next level.
  3. Invest in collaborative solutions, so those with a common cause can align their efforts and go farther, together.

In short, our mission is to cultivate effective philanthropists and strengthen organizations driving community change – building powerful relationships that advance shared community goals.

Why We Do This Work

We envision a community in which, regardless of income or race, all children receive an excellent education and all people live and work in a healthy environment.

To that end, SVP is aligning with nonprofits, funders, agencies and schools — bringing our unique strengths to collectively achieve three community-wide goals:

  1. All children enter kindergarten ready to learn
  2. All students graduate from high school on time, ready to be successful at
    college or in a career
  3. Puget Sound is a place where sustainable communities thrive, balancing growth with quality of life in our built and natural environmentsClear 770x5

Our Values

At SVP, we strive to live up to the following values and behaviors.

IMPACT | We foster positive change in our community

  • Find ways to maximize your skills and passion for community impact
  • Take risks, be resourceful and nimble in finding solutions
  • Balance passionate convictions with evidence-based decisions
  • Recognize the larger systems at play and embrace the complexity of changeClear_770x15Clear_770x15

CONNECT | We make a greater impact together

  • Make room for meaningful personal connections
  • Have a sense of humor and be able to laugh at yourself
  • Recognize everyone has something valuable to contribute
  • Give credit and celebrate accomplishments
  • Assume positive intentClear_770x15Clear_770x15

TRUSTED ALLY | We invest in strong partnerships to yield better results

  • Honor commitments and follow through
  • Cultivate trust and mutual respect
  • Be curious and humble, listen to learn and understand
  • Invite constructive criticism and be open to change
  • Speak up when something appears wrongClear_770x15Clear_770x15

EQUITY | We believe ALL people should have the opportunity to succeed

  • Be aware of privilege and seek to understand different life experiences
  • Look around to see whose voice is not heard and engage them
  • Recognize when others should lead and step back
  • Acknowledge power imbalances and work to level them
  • Surface and challenge institutional and systemic inequitiesClear_770x15Clear_770x15

STRETCH | We challenge ourselves 

  • Never settle. Always strive to do better
  • Embrace the opportunity for learning in every situation
  • Facilitate uncomfortable conversations
  • Own your mistakes and grow from them