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Road Map Project

The Road Map Project is a community-wide effort aimed at improving education to drive dramatic improvement in student achievement from cradle to college and career in South King County and South Seattle.

The project builds off of the belief that collective effort is necessary to make large-scale change and has created a common goal and shared vision in order to facilitate coordinated action, both inside and outside school.

The Road Map Project Goal is to double the number of students in South King County and South Seattle who are on track to graduate from college or earn a career credential by 2020. They are committed to nothing less than closing the unacceptable achievement gaps for low-income students and children of color, and increasing achievement for all students from cradle to college and career.

SVP awarded the Road Map Project collective action grants in 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Total Giving: $122,500

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$90k Invested in Collective Action to Improve Education

SVP’s Education Collective Action Team (EduCAT) invests in local, collective action initiatives addressing the disparities in our education system. Buoyed by last year’s success and the rich opportunities for growth, the EduCAT is re-investing in past investees to support continued efforts in family engagement and advocacy.

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Closing the Opportunity Gap Together

As a funder, SVP has continuously examined our role in collective action. The Road Map Project has played a part in our evolution since the start. Their success in cross-sector collaboration is why we began supporting them. How they are adapting and evolving to address inequity in our region, is why we continue.

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