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Puget Sound Sage

Puget Sound Sage brings together labor, faith and community to build an economy based on shared prosperity.  They ensure all families benefit from economic growth, all workers are free from discrimination in the workplace and all development meets the needs of our communities.

They envision an economy in which all jobs provide hard working people the wages and benefits needed to grow and support a family.  They foresee a time when growing inequality has been reversed and democracy strengthened with the participation of all people.  They anticipate a region where safe, clean and affordable housing and communities are available to everyone.

To achieve this future, the institutions that represent regular people – unions, faith congregations and community organizations – must work in partnership with government and business to plan responsibly for the future.

Sage will help bring about this future by building stronger institutions for working families, creating policy that balances the drive for economic growth with economic justice and engaging directly in the day-today decisions of government that affect our communities.

SVP awarded Puget Sound Sage collective action grants in 2013 and 2014.

Total Giving: $26,000