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Neighborhood House

The mission of Neighborhood House is to help diverse communities of people with limited resources attain their goals for self-sufficiency, financial independence, health, and community building.  At the core of their mission is the alleviation of poverty in our community, especially the large public housing communities in Seattle and King County.

They want to lift children out of poverty.  They want them to be healthy and ready to be successful in school and life, and to grow up in safe and supportive homes and neighborhoods. They want to lift families out of poverty by creating opportunities for economic self-sufficiency and asset building. They want seniors to live healthy, independent lives with respect and dignity, surrounded by friends and a supportive community.

They want to build strong and vibrant communities where everyone feels an attachment to their neighbors and neighborhood, where they work together to solve problems and celebrate their cultural diversity.  And finally, they want to create a greener, more sustainable community where low income families live in neighborhoods that are free of pollution and buffered from rising energy costs.

SVP awarded Neighborhood House a collective action grant in 2013.

Total Giving: $10,000