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Kim Clarke

Kim is a strategic leader and perpetual learner, with a passion for helping individuals and teams of all ages overcome obstacles and achieve bold goals. During her sixteen years at Microsoft, she led organizations across the company in business strategy, marketing, licensing and pricing, sales training and readiness. As a General Manager, she tended to take on teams that required change management and new strategic direction.

Since retiring, Kim shifted her focus to education and volunteering in her daughter’s elementary school. In addition to teaching art and helping in the classroom, she served as PTA President for two years and represented the school on district Bond and Levy committees.

Kim joined SVP to strengthen her understanding of the unique challenges faced by non-profit organizations, and deepen her connection and contribution to kids and families in the broader Seattle and surrounding areas.

When she isn’t volunteering, Kim enjoys playing guitar, singing, laughing, and spending time with her husband, Perry, her daughter, Alexandra and their black lab, Chancellor. Kim holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Harvard College. That’s not really relevant, but the sheer expense of those degrees makes it important to include whenever possible.