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Groundwire offers a wide range of technology services that help environmental organizations connect, inspire and mobilize their communities. Since their founding, they have helped more than 1,000 environmental organizations become more effective by building stronger ties to other environmental organizations and the communities they serve. A capacity building organization themselves, Groundwire optimizes affordable and innovative communications technologies so organizations can build the relationships they need in order to achieve positive social change.

SVP Investee: 2006-2011
Total Giving:

Executive Director: Neal Myrick (LinkedIn)
SVP Lead Partner: 
Todd Dunnington (LinkedIn)

Relationship Highlight: “SVP made a significant contribution this year by helping the Groundwire board build the relationships that led to hiring me as the new Executive Director.  After some frustration with not finding candidates through a national search firm, the board reached out to SVP for recommendations…Making important connections to resources in the community is something SVP does exceptionally well.  Those connections end up making a major impact and are critical to the ongoing growth and success of SVP grantees.” — Neal Myrick, Executive Director, 2010 Most Significant Change Report

Strengthening Groundwire: Sample Capacity Building Projects

In partnership with SVP volunteers and paid consultants, Groundwire tackled projects like:

  • Program Outcomes & Evaluation: Created a Theory of Change map that has strengthened Groundwire’s commitment to their mission and focused their work on the most effective ways to achieve it.
  • Board Development & Governance: Board development and training that has framed a set of recommendations around governance, board committees, board composition and recruitment, and board development.
  • Strategic Planning: Assisting staff and board through strategic planning process.
  • Leadership Development: When the Groundwire team went through re-branding, SVP provided a marketing specialist to help reboot their fundraising strategy, create materials and conduct board training.
  • Information Technology: Part-time employment of SVP Partners David Habib and John Fine to build Groundwire’s IT capacity and for David & John to increase their IT skills to share with SVP and other Investees.