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Environmental Coalition of South Seattle

The Environmental Coalition of South Seattle (ECOSS) encourages urban redevelopment and a healthy environment by providing education, resources and technical assistance to diverse businesses and communities in the Puget Sound region.

Since 1994, ECOSS has played a vital role in the fight for a cleaner, healthier, and economically thriving Puget Sound.  They have worked with thousands of local businesses to save money and contribute to a healthier environment.  They have educated thousands of families about water and energy conservation, recycling, “green” cleaning, and the dangers of common household cleaning products, and initiated healthy foods and community improvement projects.

With a multicultural team providing free and confidential services in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Amharic, and Tigrigna, ECOSS has become a trusted resource, and an invaluable partner for environmental and public health groups.  Uniquely positioned, they facilitate partnerships among different, and often conflicting, segments of the community – residents, businesses, industry, and government.  SVP has supported ECOSS since 2012.

Total Giving: $172,000

Executive Director: Cluny McCaffrey (LinkedIn)
SVP Lead Partner:
Bruce Jones (LinkedIn)

Strengthening ECOSS

In partnership with SVP, ECOSS tackled projects like:

  • Business Operations: Reviewing current practices to ensure ECOSS’ unique business model can support their new organizational structure and growing staff (worked with SVP Partners Cameron Ford and Mitch Murri)
  • Marketing and Communications: Exploring a rebrand and logo redesign to better reflect ECOSS’ mission (worked with SVP Partner Yvonne Muench)
  • Business Operations: Using a recent office move as an opportunity to explore opportunities to streamline processes and realize efficiencies in how ECOSS runs their shop (worked with SVP Partner John Bigelow)
  • Board Development: Establishing best practices for the Board and modifying policies and by-laws to better serve the organization (worked with paid consultant Janna Rolland, funded in part by SVP)
  • Human Resources: Developing a new structure for staff advancement and HR policies that facilitate a broader, flatter organization with more shared responsibility (worked with SVP Partner Laura Galbato)

SVP’s Impact — In Their Words

“I’ve had mentors. And I’ve had coaches. And I’ve learned a lot of things from a lot of people in my career. But I’ve never had anybody like Bruce, who is completely focused on the success of this organization and the success of me in my role. That’s the difference. He’s focused on both.”

– Cluny McCaffrey , Executive Director on her work with SVP Lead Partner Bruce Jones

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Sophorn Sim’s living room was packed. Children sprawled out on the rug and every couch cushion and chair was filled as the group faced the projector screen. It read: “How many of you recycle more since the last presentation?” Sophorn translated in Cambodian, and more than half the room raised their hands.

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Greener Businesses and Homes for All

All too often environmental programs do not reach or benefit communities where English is not the primary language. Fortunately, the Environmental Coalition of South Seattle is changing that! They provide their programing and trainings in many different languages, reaching new groups and helping green businesses and ensure healthy homes for all.

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Spill kit incentive program expands to help more businesses prevent pollution

Since 1994, SVP Investee, the Environmental Coalition of South Seattle (ECOSS), has played a vital role in the fight for a cleaner, healthier, and economically thriving Puget Sound. Today, they announce exciting news - their expansion into new areas of King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish counties! Find out more in their press release why this expansion is so important to the environmental health of Puget Sound.

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Welcome New Investee: ECOSS!

During the 13 years that Connie Nguyen has worked in nail salons, she's seen numerous friends and co-workers become ill. She, too, has come down with mysterious skin rashes and respiratory problems – and her story is far too common. There are simple ways to reduce risks, but much of that information does not reach the people who need it most. That’s where SVP’s newest Investee, the Environmental Coalition of South Seattle comes in.

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