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Earth Economics

Economies need nature. Natural systems provide foundational economic goods and services including oxygen, water, land, food, recreation, beauty, raw materials, minerals, and energy. All “built capital” is made of natural capital, including cars, buildings and food. An economy also requires climate stability, storm and flood protection, waste assimilation and other natural services.

Our economy today is comprised of a unique combination of natural, built, human, social and financial capital, the outcome of previous centuries of investment. Our investments in the economy today will determine its physical appearance tomorrow, and wise investments are crucial to ensuring our well-being and economic freedom into the future. In the 21st Century, our economy faces unique challenges, and wise investments require an economics that is equipped for these challenges.

Since 1998, Earth Economics has been at the forefront of applying a whole systems economic analysis to benefit both human economies and natural ecosystems, in Washington State, nationally and internationally.