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Early Care and Education Coalition

Early Care and Education Coalition (EC2) was founded in 2002 by a group of organizations that fund services for young children and their families.  Recognizing the need to build public and political will to promote and support early learning EC2:

  • Reviewed research and conducted local focus groups on effective communication strategies.
  • Promoted universal, voluntary preschool—the Great Beginnings Preschool Model (part of I-884).
  • Developed a Web-based Communication Hub (with the Children’s Alliance and the Foundation for Early Learning) to provide timely information about important early learning issues and events, and giving interested individuals an easy way to communicate with decision-makers.
  • Provided information to partners and Web Hub subscribers about the Early Learning Council and its recommendations, which led to legislation to create a state Department of Early Learning and a public-private early learning partnership.
  • Built and coordinate a network of local and statewide partners to mount a “Born Learning” public awareness and engagement campaign.

EC2 is now known as Thrive by Five Washington.

Cumulative Grants: $80,000

SVP Funded: 2004-2006
Lead Partner: Molly Hanlon, Chris Rogers