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Children’s Therapy Center

Since 1979, Children’s Therapy Center’s mission has been to maximize the potential of children with special needs. When we first meet a new family, we see a child with unique abilities and individual needs, and we see parents and caregivers who are eager for information and tools. We celebrate where each child is today, and together, we work toward who they can become.

From warm and welcoming locations in Kent, Burien and Tacoma, CTC’s highly skilled and dedicated staff provide essential services and products for children age birth to 18. Through these efforts, we help children gain functional skills that help them today, while decreasing, or even eliminating, their need for future services. Along the way, we empower parents and other caregivers so they can best meet the needs of their child.

Last year, CTC was privileged to serve over 3,200 children and families. SVP has supported CTC since 2012.

Total Giving: $170,000

SVP Lead Partner: Dick Dudley

Meet the Families

Meet some of the kids and families CTC serves – celebrating what is, and committing to what can be!  Hear from more families here >>

Strengthening Children’s Therapy Center

In partnership with SVP, CTC tackles projects like:

  • Organizational Dashboard: Creating a dashboard with easily digestible information so CTC can track the programmatic and financial data of their organization, uncovering efficiencies and increasing the number of kids they serve (worked with a paid consultant and SVP Partner Andrew Buhayar)
  • Business and Operations: Mapping current business processes and identifying ways to improve and streamline workflows (worked with SVP Partner Ted Weiler)
  • Photography:  Creating a library of images of CTC clients to use in new marketing campaigns (worked with SVP Partner Sebastien Motte)

SVP’s Impact — In Their Words

They say, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t change it.”  We have always struggled with having a quick, easy, and consistent way to measure and report therapist billable time information.

The intent of developing an organizational dashboard was two-fold:  1) enable us to better fill therapists’ schedules, which results in more kids getting off our waiting lists, and 2) generate additional earned revenue through the services we provide, which over time will enable us to serve even more kids.

I think the best way to talk about impact is through the example of an individual child. “Jacob” is a 5 year old who has been diagnosed with autism.  His doctor referred him to CTC for speech and occupational therapy about 6 months ago. Jacob lives in Renton so his mom was willing to take him to either our Kent or Burien location.  Unfortunately, we’ve had waiting lists at both!

By doing a better job of filling therapist schedules (i.e. increasing their billable time), we can add a few kids a week to the schedule of every therapist on staff.  That means that our intake coordinator could call Jacob’s mom, and dozens of other parents like her, and tell them we can get them in for the services they have been waiting for.  Those are very fun calls to make!

– Jon Botten, Former CEO

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