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Child Care Resources

Since 1990, Child Care Resources has been promoting school readiness, a stable community and equity for children by building a quality child care system. They help families in challenging situations find answers to child care questions. CCR also offers providers training, technical assistance, supplies and mentorship to increase the quality of care, and partners with other non-profits, the government and the business sector to increase resources focused on early learning and child care.

The ripple effect of quality child care significantly contributes to a stable community. It is CCR’s mission to ensure access to quality child care for every child, especially children from disadvantaged circumstances. They do this by being a resource for parents, a partner to care providers, and an advocate for children in the area of early learning.

SVP supported CCR from 2004-2009, and awarded them a collective action grant in 2013.

Total Giving: $273,000

CEO: Deeann Burtch Puffert (LinkedIn)
Lead Partner (2004-2009): Kathleen Hebert
Collective Action Liaison:
Christine Enslein (LinkedIn)

Stories about Child Care Resources

Neither Snow nor Hail could stop Child Care Resources

Child Care Resources (CCR) fielded a phone call from a woman in Shoreline. She called in somewhat of a panic because a Department of Early Learning licensor would assess her newly developed family child care home in just a few days. This was an important visit as it would determine whether her first time license would be granted and she would be able to open her business. The problem? The roads were sheets of sculpted snow and thick ice.

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