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People For Puget Sound

People For Puget Sound’s mission was to protect and restore Puget Sound and the Northwest Straits ‐‐ our living waters, the land and our common future. It is now a program of Washington Environmental Council.

Through educational programs, key partnerships and restoration projects, People for Puget Sound has accomplished exciting environmental wins — protection of a full mile of unspoiled Maury Island shoreline, protection of 60,000 acres of marine habitat near Protection and Whidbey Islands in two aquatic reserves, protection of 1,200 miles of Puget Sound shoreline and restoration of 48 miles of shoreline. SVP has funded People For Puget Sound since 2008.

Total Giving: $225,000

Executive Director: Tom Bancroft (LinkedIn)
SVP Lead Partner: 
Mike Moyer (LinkedIn)

Relationship Highlight: “I just want to say how important the SVP relationship has been … It’s probably one of the key reasons that our whole transition process is coming to a really great point today, and I can see all of the ways our organization is stronger than 3 years ago. I’ll give you guys the credit for that because I think that you really help set a key point in our development.” — Kathy Fletcher, Founding Executive Director

Strengthening People For Puget Sound: Sample Capacity Building Projects

In partnership with SVP volunteers and paid consultants, People For Puget Sound tackles projects like:

  • Human Resources: Partner Christine Martin as a paid consultant helped assess current organizational structure and provide recommendations on implementation in advance of ED transition.
  • Strategic Planning: Partner Julie Edsforth provided succession planning guidance and support to the board as they transition Executive Directors.
  • Marketing & Communications: Partners Meredith Shank and Melissa Ganus performed member/stakeholder market research.
  • Board Development & Governance: SVP covered the costs of a board retreat and individual board membership participation in peer learning groups.