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Organizational Design, Washington Green Schools

Washington Green Schools is looking for a skilled volunteer to work with the organization’s leadership to create principles and recommendations that optimize the organization’s staffing levels and organizational design. This is a terrific opportunity for a volunteer with a background in organizational design to help Washington Green Schools plan for the future, allocate resources appropriately, and foster a healthy and engaging work environment.

Additional Background

Washington Green Schools is an eight year old growing non-profit with a staff of six, including the Executive Director. In the past two years, there have been several new hires and a promotion, and Green Schools is looking for guidance around how to staff and structure a larger organization that can support their anticipated growth over the next few years.

Work to be Performed and Deliverables

The volunteer(s) will interview staff members to gain an understanding of the organization’s vision and plan for the future, the organization’s culture, and strongest competencies. It is envisioned that the volunteer will also research best practices from similar organizations, explore various options for organizational design. The desired deliverables at the end of the project are:

  • A set of organizational principles
  • A recommended organizational model and staffing strategy for next three years
  • An implementation plan