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SVP International

Organizational Design, Sound Discipline

Sound Discipline is looking for a skilled volunteer to work with the organization’s leadership and provide thought partnership around planning for an organizational structure that strategically aligns resources and puts in place processes to support projected growth and scaling over the next five years. This is a great opportunity to partner with a non-profit doing vital work and support their continued impact across the region and nation.

Additional Background

Sound Discipline is working to develop a smooth pathway for the transition of their current Executive Director out of her role in the next 1-2 year. The organization would like to use this opportunity to take a big-picture look at their organizational structure, and the current Executive Director and Board would like the support of an organizational design professional for an experienced, outside perspective to help them with the transition plan, as well as develop a future structure that will support their growth and sustainability.

Work to be Performed

The volunteer will consult with Sound Discipline’s Board and Executive Director in order to assess the organizational design needs. It is envisioned that the project will culminate in the development of a plan for changes to the current organization design, as well as a road map for their leadership transition.