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Employee Performance Management, Washington Green Schools

Washington Green Schools is looking for a skilled volunteer to work with the organization’s leadership to help them develop an annual employee performance planning program. This is a terrific opportunity for a volunteer with a background in human resources and people effectiveness to help a great non-profit organization foster greater employee fulfillment and organizational effectiveness.

Additional Background

Washington Green Schools is an eight year old growing non-profit with a staff of six, including the Executive Director. In the past year there have been two new hires and a promotion. The organization has lacked a formal goal setting and performance review process and they would love to work with someone with an understanding of current best practices.

Work to be Performed and Deliverables

The volunteer(s) will meet with key staff representatives to understand current practices; research practices of other non-profits of similar size to gain benchmarking information; lead discussions with staff and the Lead Partner; and work with staff to document new policies. The desired deliverable at the end of the project is a recommended Employee Performance Planning and Review Program with templates and an implementation plan.