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#FPFinal14 : TangoStride

Posted by Sujata Agrawal

Early Stage Nonprofit


Gabriela Condrea

The Big Idea
“In 2013, Walter walked into my tango class in Buenos Aires with a cane. He had noticeable balance issues due to a stroke and wondered if tango might help his rehabilitation. I am a strong believer in the power of partnership, so we welcomed him into the class and his balance did improve. In 2014, Tho rolled into my Seattle Tango Happy Hour in a wheelchair and has been walking with us ever since. His progress inspired our first group class.”

“I’ve created a program [Hugs That Empower] that gives people with disabilities, especially post-stroke or traumatic brain injury who are looking to improve their mobility. It gives them a chance to do that using dance.”

The Fast Pitch Experience
“Fast Pitch is an amazing program. It has been so valuable for me. I have gained so much; I have some amazing coaches – the whole team has been so supportive. It has been really cool to see the other innovators and their projects in the Puget Sound area.”