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SVP Internal Committees

SVP’s Internal committees are vital to achieving our strategic goals through the
active involvement of Partners. These are working committees that ensure SVP
can continue to grow and support our community.

If interested in any of the below opportunities please email becomeapartner@svpseattle.org

SVP Board of Directors
SVP’s Board of Directors is an elected group who supports the work of SVP
and provides mission-driven leadership, strategic governance, and ensures the
organization has the resources to succeed.

New Partner Recruitment Committee
Collaborating with SVP staff and Board, this is a group of excited evangelists
who identify opportunities to promote SVP and recruit passionate individuals
to become SVP Partners.

Partner Outreach Committee
Collaborating with SVP staff and Board, this committee ensures all Partners
feel connected, are getting the most out of their partnership, and are excited to
continue their journey.

Partner Curriculum Committee (new)
In collaboration with SVP staff, experienced Partners support the development
and facilitation of partner education events, the New Partner Onboarding
Series, and recruit speakers for impact events.

Fast Pitch Final Showdown Event Committee
This committee works with SVP staff to develop the program of the Final
Showdown event, recruit sponsors, and invite guests to experience the
passion of organizations presenting their missions.

SVP Finance Committee
In partnership with the ED and Board, this committee oversees the
organization’s financial planning, management, and budgeting to ensure the
financial health and longevity of SVP.


If interested in any of opportunities please email becomeapartner@svpseattle.org