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SVP International

Collective Action Teams

SVP’s Collective Action Teams (CATs) are comprised of SVP Partners who are interested in investing in collaborative solutions to pressing problems in our community.  They meet on a regular basis to explore ways that SVP can bring our unique assets to strengthen and further collective efforts, and make two to six grants each year.

The CATs strive to further three community-wide goals:

  • All children enter kindergarten ready to learn
  • All students graduate from high school on time, ready to be successful at
    college or in a career
  • Puget Sound is a place where sustainable communities thrive, balancing growth with quality of life in our built and natural environments

These goals are the focus of SVP’s efforts at large, and are aligned with other nonprofits, funders, agencies and schools in the region.

Education Collective Action Team

SVP’s EduCAT looks for evolving opportunities to for SVP to participate in the community-wide efforts related to cradle to career education.  They also fund and support organizations leading and engaged in collective action initiatives, such as the Road Map Project and Eastside Pathways.

Environment Collective Action Team

The EnviroCAT is comprised of Partners who care passionately about the environment, with a keen awareness that issues like equity, health, and economic prosperity are also key elements to community sustainability.  They currently focus on collaboration, convening, and filling gaps to further efforts connected to Growing Transit Communities. The EnviroCAT also funds and supports organizations in this area.

Want to Get Involved?

Collective Action Team members rave about the camaraderie, the opportunity to work closely with nonprofits, and the systems level thinking they are able participate in.  If you’re interested in joining the EduCAT or EnviroCAT, please contact Mike Quinn.