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2019-2020 Advisory Committee Calendar

New Advisory Grant Committee Pilot

For the 2019-20 grant cycle, we are going pilot a new committee called the Advisory Grant Committee. The Advisory Committee will be made up of experienced SVP Partners and community members/issue area experts to advise the New Grant Committee (NGC) process. The Advisory Committee will have the decision-making authority to narrow the full pool of grant applicants to a smaller pool for the NGC to consider in alignment with the grant criteria.

Why make an Advisory Committee?

New Grant Committee members tend to be newer SVP Partners, with limited training around racial equity, the specific issue area, and nonprofit capacity building.  Adding an Advisory committee will enable SVP to create decision making body that will have unique expertise and be a first step in ensuring that those most impacted have representation in the decision-making process.  We want to honor and build space for those who are doing the work on the ground while educating our partners through their own racial equity journey.

What the Advisory Committee Will Do

For this first year pilot, we would task the Advisory Committee with narrowing the pool of applicants to the top 10-15 that meet the evaluation criteria. Those organizations would then receive follow-up phone calls with the NGC and select advisory committee members.   The hope is that the top 10-15 organizations will meet a certain bar around issue area impact and racial equity that the NGC can grapple with further.


Committee Make Up & Selection

  • Committee Make-Up:
    • Experienced SVP Partners (~40%) – This is a chance for SVP Partners that have served on grant committees in the past, and/or other significant volunteer experiences (Lead Partner, etc.) to build upon what they have learned. All members must have completed racial equity training in the past and meet a certain baseline.
    • Community Members (60%) – This is a chance to bring in individuals that are not SVP Partners and who are closer to the issues that we are funding to provide unique expertise and advice. This will be a combination of nonprofit leaders, and issue area experts, etc. All community members will be given a stipend in recognition of their time and expertise.
  • Selection – All interested individuals will be required to conduct an online application – which can be found here. SVP will do targeted recruitment of community members and is also open to nominations. Final selection of members will take into consideration the entire committee composition, expertise and those that can commit to the time.


Time Commitment

  • The committee will have 3 in person meetings, with some sub-team and individual work. Total time commitment is expected to range between 15-25 hours.
  • Please see the working calendar here