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Sponsor a Fellow

Sponsoring an Encore Fellow or an Encore Climate Fellow is a unique way to give back to your community, while engaging employees who are thinking about what’s next.  Fellow sponsors include corporations, member associations, foundations and other organizations and individuals engaged in community philanthropy.

Sponsor Benefits

Employee engagement: Corporate-sponsored Encore Fellowships provide an attractive option for employees nearing the end of their midlife careers. An Encore Fellowship offers a proven transitional experience into an encore career in the nonprofit or public sector. Encore Fellowships fit well with other corporate programs such as early retirement, community volunteerism or outplacement services.

Community engagement: Increasingly, funders recognize the value of providing grantees with human capital in addition to traditional financial support. Along with direct cash contributions and employee volunteer programs, corporations can provide experienced Encore Fellows who work within nonprofits on high impact assignments. The value-to-cost ratio of a sponsored Fellow can easily exceed a cash contribution by a factor of four or more.

Market engagement: Leading corporations leverage their social responsibility efforts with their core business missions. Encore Fellowships allow companies to target specific sectors that will be most relevant to their customers, such as education, health care, environment, or even the boomer market itself. Direct benefits to the core business can take many forms: brand goodwill and public relations, product evangelism and the opportunity to engage in deep customer dialogue.

Community impact: Encore sponsorship provides a way to improve our communities and world.  It allows corporations a way to make a difference in an area that aligns with their values – whether that’s helping improve the lives of kids, protecting our environment or tackling the challenges brought on by climate change.

Sponsor Responsibilities

Fellow recruitment: Sponsoring companies can nominate Encore Fellow candidates from the ranks of employees who have already or will soon complete their midlife careers in the corporate world.

Nonprofit connection: Identify potential nonprofit hosts that would benefit from having an Encore Fellow.

Financial support: Provide funding for stipends and program costs.

Co-branding: Gain additional visibility in branded Encore Fellowships programs.

How to Sponsor a Fellow

In association with Encore.org, SVP is currently matching Encore Fellows and Encore Climate Fellows with organizations and agencies that are focused on helping kids, protecting our environment and tackling the challenges of climate change.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Fellow, please contact the following.

Encore Fellows:  SVP’s Encore Fellows Lead Partner Jim McGinley at: jim@svpi.org or 425.753.5600

Encore Climate Fellows:  Strategic Energy Innovations’ Paul Johnson at: paul@seiinc.org or 206.283.9184