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Meet Our 2017 Innovators

Since 2011, we have been honored to work with amazing nonprofits and social enterprises throughout the Puget Sound region.  Meet them below!

Meet the 2017 Finalists: Âdi Collective

Âdi Collective harnesses the tenacious spirit and creative skills of local refugee women through sewing artisanship that produces high-quality, simple and natural clothing for PNW women. Find out more! Read More »

Meet the 2017 Finalists: WA State Association of Head Start and ECEAP

The Early Learning Chess Initiative, from the WSA of Head Start and ECEAP, uses the game of chess to teach Washington State’s low income preschool children the necessary math skills as well as social and emotional skills needed to be kindergarten ready. Find out more! Read More »

#FPWinner : iRummage

High School Venture - 1st Place. iRummage is an online donation platform for buying/selling used goods for the benefit of schools while enabling children to learn how to manage a modern business at an early age. Read More »

#FPWinner : STEMcademy

High School Venture - 2nd Place. STEMcademy is an educational organization that addresses the need for STEM and technology education to elementary and middle schoolers in disadvantaged communities. Read More »

#FPWinner : SafeCase

University Venture - 1st Place. SafeCase is a line of durable and protective phone cases that allows women to identify date rape drugs conveniently and discreetly. Read More »

#FPWinner : ATJ Tech Fellows

University Venture - 2nd Place. ATJ Tech Fellows is a legal fellowship program designed to train law students on the varied use of technology to expand legal access, cut costs, and improve service delivery. Read More »

#FPWinner : Urban Death Project

Startup Nonprofit - 1st Place. Urban Death Project is developing a new model of death care called Recomposition that is sustainable, equitable, and meaningful. Read More »

#FPWinner : WeCount

Startup Nonprofit - 2nd Place. WeCount enables families, young adults, veterans or anyone experiencing homelessness to safely and anonymously request items for their specific needs, and helps communities give directly to their neighbors. Read More »

#FPWinner : Yoga Behind Bars

Established Nonprofit - 1st Place. Yoga Behind Bars is the only organization in Washington State dedicated to bringing yoga and meditation instructions to prisons, jails, and detention centers. Read More »

#FPWinner : Inspire EduDesign Lab

Established Nonprofit - 2nd Place. EduDesign Lab is a unique summer institute to enable joyful and meaningful growth for educators and students. Read More »

#FPWinner : PotaVida

For-Profit - Winner. PotaVida's mission is to create products for the disaster response and international development sector that accurately capture usage data and distil it into actionable reports. Read More »

Congratulations SVP Fast Pitch 2016 Winners!

We applaud the winners of SVP Fast Pitch 2016 who wowed the audience of philanthropists, leaders, impact investors with their ideas and perfect pitches! Read More »

GeekWire Interview with Belle Pan

GeekWire interviewed Belle Pan two days before the Final Showdown: "Meet the 13-year-old entrepreneur who wants to raise $100 million for Washington school" Read More »

...And We Have Our #FPFinal14!

The view from the 40th floor of Columbia Towers was stunning – the wide expanse of the Puget Sound, and the tower blocks of downtown Seattle were a visual treat. But the place to be, was inside the Conference Center where more than 25 Judges waited in anticipation to hear 5-minute inspiring ideas while 28 Innovators milled around outside – a little nervous, a little hyped up – ready to make their best pitch to earn a place in the SVP Fast Pitch 2016 Final Showdown. Read More »

#FPFinal14 : TangoStride

TangoStride: Hugs that Empower helps people improve mobility, creates community, and inspires hope. Read More »

#FPFinal14 : Ventures

Ventures will sell its uniquely impactful program model to other nonprofits and teach them to deliver micro-business development services in their communities. Read More »

#FPFinal14 : Beta Hatch, Inc.

Beta Hatch, Inc. helps farmers grow more food with its insect agriculture approach. It produces insects on an industrial level, to harness their incredible potential to turn waste into nutrients for livestock and plants. Read More »

#FPFinal14 : GiveSafe

GiveSafe provides low-cost electronic ‘beacons’ to individuals struggling with homelessness through nonprofits partners. The technology allows people to give into a fund the individual can use on critical needs with a case manager’s help. Read More »

#FPFinal14 : VIA Global Health, Inc.

Via Global Health, Inc. has created an open distribution and logistics platform for suppliers of health technologies to sustainably and affordably address the needs of the 6 billion people in emerging markets. Its mission is to improve global access to healthcare innovation. Read More »

Congratulations Semifinalists!

We are pleased to announce the Semifinalists of SVP Fast Pitch 2016. Read about our 27 Social Innovators who will pitch at the Semifinals on October 4th. Read More »

Announcing SVP Fast Pitch 2016 Quarterfinalists: For-Profits

16 For-Profit Enterprises have been selected to compete in the SVP Fast Pitch 2016 Quarterfinals. Read More »

Announcing SVP Fast Pitch 2016 Quarterfinalists: Students and Nonprofits

We are excited to announce the SVP Fast Pitch 2016 Quarterfinalists! Our team of Screeners reviewed more than a hundred applications from students and nonprofit organizations. They have selected 39 Social Innovators who will compete in the Quarter-finals on September 15 (for nonprofits) and 18 (for students). Read More »

Project Feast: The Secret Ingredient Is Purpose

In 2012, Veena Prasad had an idea: to use food heritage as a way for refugees and immigrants to begin a new chapter in their lives. She didn’t make it past the SVP Fast Pitch quarterfinals at the time, but in pitching the concept, Veena came face-to-face with a deeper need in her life. A year later, Project Feast was no longer just an idea. This time, it went all the way to the finals – and won.

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501 Green: Turning Rags into Dream Jeans

Stacy Flynn had built a successful career in the textile industry, but in 2010 she found herself in China without corporate credentials for the first time. She wasn’t Stacy from Target or Eddie Bauer, she was on her own, meeting with a small manufacturing outfit. When she and her colleague arrived at the headquarters they could barely see each other through the polluted air that followed them inside and hovered above their heads.

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2015 SVP Fast Pitch Winners

Meet the 2015 Fast Pitch winners and watch their stellar pitches in our video library. Tanikka Watford of Deep Roots Food (pictured here in a photo by Eugene Hsu) took home a $130,000 investment after winning the top prize in the for-profit category.

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Flight Path – 2014 Fast Pitch Finalist Update

Many in the SVP Fast Pitch community came to know The Common Acre’s Flight Path program at the 2014 finals, where Bob Redmond, founder and Executive Director lobbied for support of an innovative program bringing together the Port of Seattle, Seattle City Light, and Urban Bee Company to create a paradise for bees.

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Meet the 2015 Finalists: Deep Root Foods

Deep Roots Foods is a GMO free small batch food processing, co-packing, and food warehouse fulfillment company. They have developed a program that supports small and local farmers with their innovative supply chain offerings.

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Meet the 2015 Finalists: Play Works Studio

Play Works Studio designs science games for girls and boys in the form of a robot gaming platform that combines features from robot toys and online collectable/trading cards. Their educational toys create gender-neutral play experiences while promoting a sense of equality at an early age. Founder and lover of Legos since her own childhood, Adriana Moscatelli is on a mission to inspire children to discover a passion for science and technology while having fun.

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Meet the 2015 Finalists: IntelliH2O

IntelliH2O, a water purity tester device and application, can help decrease diseases by verifying the potability of tap water and consequently reduce eco footprints from plastic bottle usage. Designed and patented by an incredibly talented high school sophomore, Christopher Lee has realized his vision to develop a wireless, Bluetooth supported application and a meter with dimensions barely exceeding an inch square. Simply insert the device into the water source in question and you’ll immediately get a read on the water quality on your smartphone app.

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Meet the 2015 Finalists: Vitruvian Energy, SPC

The future generation will inherit the climate decisions we make today. Currently, existing biofuels face many challenges such as supply, costs of engineering and product development. Ethanol use did not meet forecasts because there are concerns on its carbon footprint and land use changes. However, there is a source of energy that is available to every community. Vitruvian Energy is a socially-conscious cleantech startup that has developed a technology to convert sewage into a biofuel to be used in existing engines.

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Meet the 2015 Finalists: TK Threads

Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. It is also a haven for refugees. Some of the women refugees left their countries because they experienced commercial sexual exploitation, forced migrations, barriers to economic opportunities and social stigmas. TK Threads empowers formerly oppressed women through long-term employment in a restorative network.

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Meet the 2015 Finalists: Statehouse News Project

Civic engagement is declining. Statehouse reporting has experienced dramatic cuts. Special interest groups are lobbying at the state level where currently bills are passed with far less accountability. These are problems for voters in Washington. In a healthy democracy, journalism works to fight for transparency and accountability and this is where Statehouse News Project comes in.

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Actively Learn: 2013 For Profit Winner Update

It’s been almost 2 years since Jay Goyal, CEO and Co-Founder of Actively Learn, went on stage, made a pitch and won $142,500 for the 1st place Investment Fund Award for a For-Profit and $10,000 for the Microsoft Award at the 2013 SVP Fast Pitch at McCaw Hall. Since then, a lot of things have happened.

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Meet the 2015 Finalists: Safewheel

SafeWheel's mission is to provide a safe ride into the future by reducing the amount of drunk driving incidents worldwide. Unlike breathalyzers, the SafeWheel™ requires no effort. All you need to do is put your hands on the wheel and the SafeWheel™ will automatically check for your blood alcohol level. After all, how many people use a breathalyzer before drinking and driving?

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Meet the Finalists: Salish Sea Expeditions

Salish Sea Expeditions was formed in 1994 by co-founders Kathy Murphy and Sophy Johnston. That same year, Four Winds Westward Ho Camp on Orcas Island, Washington, was planning the construction of a 60-foot sailboat to be used by the camp during the summer months.

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DyslexiType: 2014 High School Winner Update

Teenagers today have many choices about how to spend their time. Sports, gaming, social media, academics as well as some less savory activities. And what an inspiration it is when you discover a teenager who chooses to spend their time to developing a product to help young dyslexics learn to touch type rather than write. Typing results in a more expressive, enthusiastic and confident student because they don’t need to struggle with the mechanics of physical writing.

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Meet the 2015 Finalists: JikoPower

The JikoPower thermoelectric generator converts waste heat generated during cooking into usable electricity. In areas such as sub-Saharan Africa, over 135 Million mobile subscribers lived without electricity in 2013. 90% of these peoples have cellular coverage while less than 50% of the population has electricity. Critical needs such as recharging their mobile phone are both costly and inefficient.

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Meet the 2015 Finalists: LadyBug House

Every community should have a pediatric palliative care home for children with life-limiting illnesses offering medical support, end-of-life care, and respite for families. Founder Suzanne Gwynn has launched her vision to build and operate such a freestanding facility in Seattle. The facility will be staffed with an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, support staff and volunteers who will provide 24 x 7 support.

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Meet the 2015 Finalists: M.U.S.T.

It was reported in a 2007 that 1 in 4 high school students were dropping out. It has improved, but still, 1 in 5 will still drop out. The average cost to the nation to support these dropouts exceeds $290K over the course of their lifetime. Founder Rick Newell observed two critical things during his work at community centers: youth who needed male role models and students who lacked the financial means to get to college.

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Meet the 2015 Finalists: Prison Scholar Fund

The mission of the Prison Scholar Fund is to provide incarcerated students with the tools they need to become successful members of their communities by funding college, vocational, and technical courses/programs, and mentoring/counseling services. They provide funding for incarcerated students, support students enrolled in college courses, vocational education, and skill development, and advocate for reform in correctional education to increase access to all.

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Drum Roll Please! Announcing 2015 SVP Fast Pitch Finalists

Seed IP Law graciously hosted Semi-Finals today, for a second year, and the view through the windows of our 54th floor conference room in the Columbia Tower may have been a misty Seattle grey but it was still beautiful to watch raindrops collect on the glass outside. Today, all eyes and ears were on the innovators.

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2015 SVP Fast Pitch Semifinalists

We’d like to congratulate all of the teams that were selected to advance to SVP's Fast Pitch semifinals!

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2015 SVP Fast Pitch Quarterfinalists

We’d like to congratulate all of the teams that were selected to advance to SVP's Fast Pitch Quarterfinals! Thanks to dozens of volunteers who reviewed applications, we have selected 15 for-profit companies, 14 established nonprofits, 12 early stage nonprofits, 8 college, 6 high school, and 2 runner-ups as quarterfinalists.

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2014 SVP Fast Pitch Winners

The 2014 SVP Fast Pitch Final Showdown took place at McCaw Hall on Tuesday, October 28. Nearly $300,000 in cash prizes were awarded and there were over 800 who attended, making it the largest Fast Pitch ever!

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2014 SVP Fast Pitch Finalists

On Tuesday, October 7th at Seed IP Law Group, 28 SVP Fast Pitch semifinalists pitched in front of 20 judges. The improvement in the innovators' pitching from quarterfinals to semifinals was "drastic," said SVP Fast Pitch lead Patricia Friel.

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2014 SVP Fast Pitch Semifinalists

On Thursday, Sept. 18, at Paccar Hall, University of Washington, 41 Fast Pitch quarterfinalists, pitched in front of a panel of judges. This is the most competitive Fast Pitch to date and 22 instead of 20 semifinalists were selected!

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2014 SVP Fast Pitch Quarterfinalists

We’d like to congratulate all of the teams that were selected to advance to the Fast Pitch Quarterfinals! We had a terrific pool of 101 applicants (a 20% increase from last year), and ultimately selected 17 for-profit companies, 14 established nonprofits, 9 young nonprofits, and 3 runner-ups as quarterfinalists. We will be featuring each of the teams as we lead up to the Quarterfinals on September 18th, but in the meantime here is a quick introduction!

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2013 Fast Pitch Winners

From an online e-reading platform that empowers teachers to increase students' comprehension and retention to a culinary training program for immigrants and refugees that leverages their cooking skills to help them find employment -- you'll want to check out our 2014 Fast Pitch winners! Meet them all below.

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2013 Fast Pitch Finalists

Scott Taylor describes the 2013 Semifinals competition and announces which innovators are advancing to the finals.

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2013 Fast Pitch Semifinalists

Scott Taylor recounts the anxiety and excitement of the innovators who pitched at the 2013 Semifinals of SVP Fast Pitch.

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2013 Fast Pitch Quarterfinalists

This year’s quarterfinalists will advance to the next round on October 1st. Take a look at what’s to come!

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2012 Fast Pitch Winners

From the Living Voters Guide that simplifies the process of deciding which candidates, propositions, initiatives, and referendums to support to Localista, a loyalty program to encourage and reward buying from local businesses -- you'll want to check out our 2012 Fast Pitch winners! Meet them all below.

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2012 Fast Pitch Finalists

2012 Social Innovation Fast Pitch selects 14 social innovators as finalists.

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2012 Fast Pitch Semifinalists

What if you could take food that would go to waste, dry it, and feed kids in need? Or turn neglected houses into energy-efficient homes? Or sell produce grown on urban rooftops? These are just a few of the ways that this year’s Fast Pitch contenders are improving our community. And they're pitching their ideas in 5 minutes or less!

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2012 Fast Pitch Quarterfinalists

Social Innovation Fast Pitch selects forty social innovators as quarterfinalists.

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2011 Fast Pitch Winners

From launching the next generation of organic farmers by providing land, capital, expertise and dedicated markets to an app that provides tools to create, discover and easily share local service events for volunteers -- you'll want to check out our 2011 Fast Pitch winners! Meet them all below.

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2011 Fast Pitch Finalists

2011 Social Innovation Fast Pitch selects 14 social innovators as finalists.

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2011 Fast Pitch Semifinalists

2011 Social Innovation Fast Pitch selects 28 social innovators as semifinalists.

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2011 Fast Pitch Quarterfinalists

2011 Social Innovation Fast Pitch selects forty social innovators as quarterfinalists.

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