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Evaluation Criteria

All applications submitted are reviewed and evaluated by a team of volunteer screeners made up of SVP partners and community members. Applicants will receive written feedback and scoring from the selection committee regardless if selected as a semifinalist.

Scores are given individually for each criteria, and later combined for a rolled up average total score. The scale used ranges from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) for each of the evaluation pillars below. There is not a specific weight assigned to each judging component, rather each is evaluated holistically based on the below.

  • Social Impact: Clearly articulates what social problem the organization is trying to solve, why they do what they do, and who is affected by their work. Every organization has a measurable means of creating change and solutions for social issues.


  • Advancement of Racial Equity: Demonstrates commitment to advancing racially equitable outcomes in their work and community. Communities of color are driving organizational agenda and is rooted in/led by community stakeholders.


  • Innovation: Has an innovative approach to solving the applicable social challenges, leading to more dramatic long-term results than other, more conventional models or practices. Innovation can come in many forms: new products or services, new ways of delivering services, applying technology creatively, or new business models or collaborations.


  • Sustainability: Showcases the program or venture’s capabilities and plans to carry out its mission and achieve project impact on a continuous basis over time, without exhausting available resources, financial or otherwise.


  • Leadership: Has leaders, board or advisory committee with relevant experience and skill set.


  • Presentation & Clarity of Concept: Pitches clearly articulate a coherent story that leaves a lasting impression with a clear understanding of what the organization does and how they do it. This will become more relevant in later rounds of coaching and practice sessions.


  • Business Plan & Financial Strategy (For-Profit): Possess a well articulated business plan and financial projections with clear go-to-market strategy. Includes a clear understanding of cash flows with a believable financing strategy associated with the plan.