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Resources for SVP Fast Pitch Applicants and Innovators

The combination of your personal passion and your explanation of how you can make a difference in Puget Sound and/or the world will be vital factors in your success in Fast Pitch.

We’ve assembled a number of recommended resources for you to use in developing and preparing to present your plan so you can confidently pitch to win!

Fast Pitch Must-Reads

Suggested Reading

Fast Pitch team members Lindsey Eng, Alan Blickenstaff, and Kevin Owyang have posted a number of blogs with follow-up content and information from earlier capacity-building workshops.  They are here:

Plus, here are a few other resources:

Suggested Videos to watch

Seattle Public Library Resources

Special Report: Measuring and Reporting Social Impact

Sachi Shenoy and Steve Schwartz of Upaya, and Sarah Stachowiak of Organizational Research Services delivered one of our most popular workshops, Measuring and Reporting Social Impact.   They have provided the content from that workshop for anyone to learn from.

“So That…” Chain Worksheet

Stakeholder Analysis Worksheet

SVP Fast Pitch measuring and reporting social impact

Startup Kit

Microsoft, via OneDrive, brings entrepreneurs a new tool, a “Startup Kit”.

This public resource provides entrepreneurs with a variety of information to help them get going faster. You have to see this!

This “living” repository includes information from the various Co-working and Community Spaces, the Accelerators and Incubators, Finance & Accounting information, Legal information, information from Non-profits, and excerpts of business planning books. All for free. All accessible to the public.

If you are an entrepreneur, check it out.

If you have a resource to add to this repository, please send it to startupkit@outlook.com.