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SVP Fast Pitch Awards

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The information on this page is related to Fast Pitch 2013. Please return to this page by September 1 for detailed information for the 2014 program.

SVP Fast Pitch will have a minimum of $150,000 in grants and investments to distribute to winning contestants of both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Specifics of the grants and investments are subject to change, but are targeted as follows. Note that participants will be competing for these grants in “tracks,” compared to peers in the track and not to one another. More on tracks here.

Grants to non-profit entities: Either established 501c(3) organizations, or those seeking NFP status, or those with an established 501c(3) as a fiscal agent:

One $25,000 grant for Best New Innovation from an Established Organization.

One $10,000+ grant for Best New Innovation from an Early-Stage Organization. This grant will increase in size as we raise money over the coming months.

$5,000 in grants for Youth Ventures: Ventures started and run by high school and college-age individuals who are currently enrolled as full-time students.

$10,000 in grants for innovation in targeted areas, including an Audience Choice Award, to be announced.

Investments in for-profit entities: Either customary LLC or C-corps, or emerging L3C or B-corps, in all cases with a clear requirement of social mission alignment with the business, as further explained in the application.

One $150,000 investment fund*, to be invested in one or two organizations depending on stage of maturity and other investments already attained, and subject to customary investment due-diligence processes.

Note that the investment fund will be operated independently of Social Venture Partners Seattle by a group experienced in creating and managing such funds. No money donated to Social Venture Partners Seattle will be contributed to the investment fund, nor will any paid SVP staff members work on the creation or management of such fund. Investment decisions in for-profit companies will be made by the investors in the fund, separately from the judging process of the Social Innovation Fast Pitch.

More than 50 applicants will share in $40,000 in Google App Engine credits. 40 Applicants will share in $20,000 in co-working at the HUB, Seattle’s premier space for social innovators. Over 50 applicants will each be eligible to apply for$20,000 of Google Cloud* for their organization. Ten applications will receive ongoing support and mentorship from Fledge, the “conscious company” incubator.

* Google Cloud includes App Engine and/or Google Cloud Storage, Google Compute Engine, Google BigQuery, Google Cloud SQL, Google Translate, Google Prediction API