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CONGRATULATIONS SVP Fast Pitch 2016 Winners!

The SVP Fast Pitch Final Showdown was an evening of Inspiration and Innovation as philanthropists, impact investors, and community leaders came together at McCaw Hall on October 25th to see and hear 14 social entrepreneurs present their stories — of systems change and solutions to address critical problems facing the region and the world — and compete for over $200,000 in grants and prizes.

“What is so inspiring about Fast Pitch is the passion and commitment that the innovators have to building a better world and providing a brighter future for us all. And what is equally inspiring is the generosity and the compassion of the communities in the Puget Sound region,” says Lisa Nitze, President & CEO of SVP Seattle.

Watch the winning pitches.


5 Tracks: High School Venture; University Venture; Startup Nonprofit; Early Stage Nonprofit; For-Profit

57 Quarterfinalists (Students and Nonprofits; and For-Profits)

28 Semifinalists

14 Finalists

9 Winners, including:

Over $200,000 awarded in grants and prizes

800+ audience of philanthropists, impact investors, community leaders, students, volunteers

11 Judges

100+ Coaches/Mentors

33 Corporate Sponsors and Partners

What Is Fast Pitch?

SVP Fast Pitch is a business pitch competition that supports nonprofits and social enterprises addressing critical needs and making a positive impact in the Puget Sound region and beyond. Since 2011, SVP Fast Pitch has connected changemakers with over $2 million in grants, investments, and prizes as well as thousands of hours of coaching from local professionals. The competition is for high school and college students, established nonprofits, startup nonprofits, and for-profit enterprises.

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Seattle’s Social Innovators Shine at SVP Fast Pitch 2016

Winners Include a Rummage Sale App for K-12 Schools Developed by a 13-year-old Entrepreneur, an Eco-Friendly Alternative for Death Care, a Solar-Powered Safe Water Solution for Disaster Areas and an App for Direct Donations to the Homeless. Read More »

#FPWinner : iRummage

High School Venture - 1st Place. iRummage is an online donation platform for buying/selling used goods for the benefit of schools while enabling children to learn how to manage a modern business at an early age. Read More »

#FPWinner : STEMcademy

High School Venture - 2nd Place. STEMcademy is an educational organization that addresses the need for STEM and technology education to elementary and middle schoolers in disadvantaged communities. Read More »

#FPWinner : SafeCase

University Venture - 1st Place. SafeCase is a line of durable and protective phone cases that allows women to identify date rape drugs conveniently and discreetly. Read More »

#FPWinner : ATJ Tech Fellows

University Venture - 2nd Place. ATJ Tech Fellows is a legal fellowship program designed to train law students on the varied use of technology to expand legal access, cut costs, and improve service delivery. Read More »

#FPWinner : Urban Death Project

Startup Nonprofit - 1st Place. Urban Death Project is developing a new model of death care called Recomposition that is sustainable, equitable, and meaningful. Read More »

#FPWinner : WeCount

Startup Nonprofit - 2nd Place. WeCount enables families, young adults, veterans or anyone experiencing homelessness to safely and anonymously request items for their specific needs, and helps communities give directly to their neighbors. Read More »

#FPWinner : Yoga Behind Bars

Established Nonprofit - 1st Place. Yoga Behind Bars is the only organization in Washington State dedicated to bringing yoga and meditation instructions to prisons, jails, and detention centers. Read More »

#FPWinner : Inspire EduDesign Lab

Established Nonprofit - 2nd Place. EduDesign Lab is a unique summer institute to enable joyful and meaningful growth for educators and students. Read More »

#FPWinner : PotaVida

For-Profit - Winner. PotaVida's mission is to create products for the disaster response and international development sector that accurately capture usage data and distil it into actionable reports. Read More »

Congratulations SVP Fast Pitch 2016 Winners!

We applaud the winners of SVP Fast Pitch 2016 who wowed the audience of philanthropists, leaders, impact investors with their ideas and perfect pitches! Read More »

The Big Day is Finally Here!

Join us to cheer and support 14 Finalist Social Innovators with amazing ideas that are making a positive difference! Read More »

Countdown to the Final Showdown — 1

One more day to the Fast Pitch Final Showdown! Limited tickets available in most categories. Take a walk through our Fast Pitch 2016 journey. Read More »

Countdown to the Final Showdown -- 2..

It's getting closer the Big Day! And we'd like to acknowledge and thank our amazing sponsors and partners for their support. Read More »

GeekWire Interview with Belle Pan

GeekWire interviewed Belle Pan two days before the Final Showdown: "Meet the 13-year-old entrepreneur who wants to raise $100 million for Washington school" Read More »