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Welcome New Interim CEO Deborah Jensen!

Posted by seattle

Deborah Jensen SquareSVP is delighted to announce that Deborah Jensen will join our team as the interim CEO on Monday, February 27. In this position, she will provide overall organizational leadership, support the staff to ensure the successful execution of all SVP’s programs, act as a resource and support to the board, and help facilitate a smooth transition to the long-term CEO.

Drawing on 25 years of experience leading complex, global nonprofits, Deborah brings exceptional skills to the role. She works with boards and executives to help their organizations become successful in achieving their mission and increasing their impact. She also believes in the power of networks of people and organizations to accomplish big goals.

Deborah is passionate about creating sustainable ecosystems for people and nature through community-based conservation. Working with people from many walks of life and listening to their goals and values has often shown her the best ways to find solutions to the complex challenges that must be overcome to creating sustainable futures.

As principal of Jensen and Associates, a management consulting firm, Deborah focuses on organizational development, strategy and leadership. She served as CEO of the Woodland Park Zoo for fourteen years, and as Vice President for Conservation Science for The Nature Conservancy at its International headquarters in Virginia for nearly a decade. Deborah is currently Chair of the Board of the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition and serves on the Executive Committee of the Puget Sound Partnership.

Deborah has a PhD in Energy and Resources from the University of California, Berkeley where she wrote a book on biodiversity conservation in the state of California and did research on climate change and forests.

When not hiking somewhere in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, bird-watching, or lost in the latest book, Deborah is likely to be found cooking a meal for friends with her husband Steve (and daughter Kathleen when she’s home) or exploring the options for new flavors for their annual chocolate truffle-making extravaganza.


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  1. Glenn Kukkee

    Dear Deborah Jensen,

    Hello from ESSA: The Extraterrestrial Solar Sinter Architecture Project, in Vancouver, BC.
    I’ve been interested in incorporating in British Columbia to take advantage of crowdfunding portals. However, apparently, equity crowdfunding in BC is a VERY different animal than it is on the US side of the fence. We have the opportunity to do either Canadian or American incorporation (and because of Securities law, our crowdfunding portal nationality allows us to access either country but not both).

    It turns out that American crowdfunding ventures are 1000x more effective PER CAPITA. Why? I really don’t have an accurate picture, but I’m looking forward to finding out more.

    For our project, however, we hope to get a quick picture from you of whether we can get a similar corporate structure in Washington. In BC, the C3 (Community Contribution Company) hybridizes a non-profit and corporate structure. What is there in Washington that is similar? Do you know of a lawyer who could help us understand what entity types there are available to us in Washington?

    Our social venture / enviro / tech hybrid looks forward to a successful Equity Crowdfund to get off the ground. We hope to have a few moments of your time to help us get there in Washington!

    Very best regards,
    Glenn Kukkee
    ESSA: The Extraterrestrial Solar Sinter 3D Printer

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