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Farewell to CEO Lisa Nitze

Posted by seattle

Photo by Merrill ImagesAfter a great deal of consideration, Lisa Nitze has decided to step down as CEO and will be leaving SVP Seattle at the end of the calendar year. As some may know, Lisa relocated to Seattle shortly before accepting this position, leaving her children and parents 2,800 miles away on the East Coast. In recent months, Lisa has worked tirelessly to balance the demands of her role at SVP with unexpected responsibilities regarding support and long-term care for her family.

“In the end, Lisa made the difficult decision that was best for her and her family, but also for SVP – which she didn’t want to short change,” said Board Chair Mike Cadigan. “On behalf of the board of directors, I want to thank Lisa for her contributions and acknowledge the great progress we have made during her tenure.”

Under Lisa’s leadership, SVP developed a strategic impact framework to guide our work for years to come, launched corporate partnerships to engage private sector leaders in philanthropy and hosted our 6th annual Fast Pitch. During this period, SVP also expanded its internal capacity, streamlined systems, established a staff leadership team and maintained a firm financial base.

“It has been a true honor to meet and work with so many passionate, thoughtful people committed to positive change,” said Lisa. “I have been inspired by the organizations we invest in, by our incredible staff and by our partners’ commitment to continuous learning and to contributing their time, skills and resources to improve lives.”

“This was a very difficult decision,” Lisa continued. “I thought long and hard about whether I could balance the emerging needs of my family while also leading SVP in the way I intended. I concluded that if I try to do both, I will do neither well. And while I am very sorry to step down, I am gratified to realize how much we have accomplished together.”

While we wish she could have stayed longer, Lisa’s guidance has left SVP well-positioned to enter the next chapter. Our core work is full steam ahead — including grant committees, communities of practice, capacity building volunteer projects with investees, Fast Pitch follow up and planning, and exciting educational sessions.

In the next few weeks, SVP will hire an interim CEO to support the staff leadership team and board and begin formal search process in January. “We are confident that we will again find a leader who will help us build on our strengths and successes for even greater impact,” said Mike.

Please join us to raise a grateful glass to Lisa at SVP’s holiday party on January 18!


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