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Five years ago, Powerful Schools became one of our first Investees to be reinvested in by SVP. Part of this reinvestment required the entire organization to go “under the hood” to find out exactly what worked well, and what didn’t. The results of this exploration gave them the foundation they needed to grow exponentially – from 1,000 to 4,000 students within four years. Tre’ Maxie, Executive Director of Powerful Schools and one of our 15th Anniversary speakers, shares why he thinks it’s so important to have this kind of appraisal not only for the organization, but for each of the individuals who worked at Powerful Schools too.

Tre’ Maxie is the executive director of Powerful Schools, a nonprofit dedicated to student achievement. He also serves on the Washington State Board of Education. Tre’ was one of our five speakers at SVP’s 15th Anniversary Flight; you can check out SVPI Board Chair Lance For’s speech here.

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