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San Diego is truly fortunate to have so many generous individuals dwelling in its county. SDSVP is particularly lucky to have many of these people invested in the SVP vision of accelerating change together. Many are extensively experienced with philanthropy while others are just starting out and eager to learn from the veteran Partners. The newest editions to the SVP family have impressive professional backgrounds and the common desire to positively impact the San Diego community. Perhaps some of you have met our new Partners at one of the many social events SDSVP hosted this past year. They’re not too shy. In fact, many of them are jumping right in and taking leadership roles. Regardless, SDSVP is excited to have all of the new Partners on board. Read on to find out more…

Meet Some of Our Partners…

Mike Halpern

Mike Halpern relocated to San Diego with his family in 2011. He was excited to discover Social Venture Partners due to the ability of its Partners’ contributions to gain leverage from its team-based investment approach. Mike is also a Board Member of the Del Mar Foundation, the Del Mar Schools Education Foundation, and exploring concepts which would bring additional opportunity for the region’s large refugee population. Read More »

Julie DeMeules and Jim Craft

Julie and Jim are long term San Diego residents having met as undergrads at the University of San Diego in the early 70s while getting their Bachelor degrees. For the last 27 years they have made their home in Scripps Ranch where they raised their two sons and engaged in volunteer activities in Scouting and sports. Read More »

Jerry Schneider

Jerry Schneider joined Vistage in 2004. He has responsibility for financial reporting, accounting, treasury, international business and acquisitions. In addition to his years of experience in the healthcare industry, he has worked in real estate, investment management, and thoroughbred racing. Schneider is a certified public accountant, and a member of the California State Bar and Financial Executives Institute. Read More »

Meet the Rest of Our Partners Here


We are tremendously grateful for our community of Partners.

Your time and talent, your generosity, your drive for something better… these are the roots of transformation – for individuals, for organizations, for our community. Thank you.

  • Aaron and Lori Contorer
  • Aaron Davis
  • Alan and Louarn Sorkin
  • Allan Rudick
  • Andy Kaiser
  • Andy Rinde
  • Angie Vorhies
  • Anu and Gari Garimella
  • April Bolduc
  • Armin Afsahi
  • Bhairvee Shavdia and Amar Shah
  • Bob and Peg Eddy
  • Bob Blanchard
  • Brad and Julie Kleban
  • Brett Oslund
  • Callie Craig and Peter Cohen
  • Cami Mattson
  • Carla Mercer
  • Dan Wimsatt
  • Dana Parnes and Moshe Engelberg
  • David Lynn
  • David Parker
  • Diane Wagener
  • Ed and Arlene Pelavin
  • Ellyn Levine and Marty Goodman
  • Eric and Jennifer Busboom
  • Florence and Irwin Zahn
  • Ginger and Richard Ina
  • Harriet Carter
  • Ingo Hentschel
  • James and Cindy Bornemann
  • James and Karen Brailean
  • Jan Thompson
  • Janiffer and Graham Pearce
  • Jeff Brown
  • Jen and Steve Hamilton
  • Jennie and David Cornsweet
  • Jerry and Keiko Schneider
  • Jessica Pressman and Brad Lupien
  • Jill Brasga and Wim Selders
  • Jim Kennedy
  • JoAnne Berg
  • John Thomas
  • Joyce and Rick Ross
  • Judith A. Simmons
  • Judith and Thomas Boyd
  • Julie DeMeules and Jim Craft
  • Julie Pardee and Michelle Bailey
  • Katie Blando
  • Ken and Ida Brown
  • Larry Kesslin
  • Leigh and David Johnson
  • Lisa Brockman
  • Lisa Curry
  • Macy Olivas
  • Mark and Kathy Fackler
  • Mark Dillon
  • Mark Neilson
  • Michael Halpern
  • Michael McConnell
  • Nancy Cannon-O'Connell and Tom O'Connell
  • Nancy O'Leary
  • Pam and Michael Carmen
  • Pam and Steve Ness
  • Pat Moore and Helmut Kiffmann
  • Patricia and Jim Syran
  • Patrick Dempsey
  • Patrick Duffy
  • Patsy and Dave Hartman
  • Paul Davis
  • Rachel and Tom van Betten
  • Raj Kaji
  • Ray and Gina Ellis
  • Ray and Kim McKewon
  • Ray Lucia
  • Rich and Kris Gelbart
  • Richard and Sharon Bockoff
  • Rick and Jill Mendlen
  • Robin Pruitt
  • Sandra Timmons and Richard Sandstrom
  • Scott Arnold
  • Scott Tritt
  • Sharon Bakcht
  • Sherri Neasham
  • Steve and Susie Swinton
  • Susan and Josh Heinlein
  • Tom Karlo
  • Trevor Callan
  • Trina Hester
  • Tuck Forsyth
  • Wally Klein