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SVP International

San Diego is truly fortunate to have so many generous individuals dwelling in its county and invested in the SVP vision of accelerating change together. Many are extensively experienced with philanthropy while others are just starting out and eager to learn from the veteran Partners. Read on to find out more…


Meet Some of Our Partners…

Louarn Sorkin

For 52 years, Louarn has volunteered her time and creative talent for charitable organizations. At age 10, she began her charitable work as a junior volunteer for the San Diego Opera, San Diego Symphony, San Diego Ballet, Salk Institute, Girl Scouts of America and the Old Globe. Read More »

Scott Tritt

His successful career as a television news producer throughout California helped Scott Tritt develop an ability to tell stories in a compelling and memorable way. Now he's using those skills to help SDSVP and the nonprofits we serve. Read More »

Bob Blanchard, Secretary

Bob completed his undergrad studies at the University of Denver, Majoring in Economics. He was in the top 5 percentile at USD School of Law, where he obtained his law degree. He began his legal career in 1980 and co-founded his law firm, Blanchard, Krasner & French in 1992. He is widely published and a frequent speaker on numerous topics. Read More »

Meet the Rest of Our Partners Here


We are tremendously grateful for our community of Partners.

Your time and talent, your generosity, your drive for something better… these are the roots of transformation – for individuals, for organizations, for our community. Thank you.

Axtman, Bruce
Bakcht, Sharon
Barnes, Jennifer
Beckett, Brenda
Bernitz, Steve
Blanchard, Bob
Bockoff, Sharon
Bockoff, Richard
Bornemann, Cindy
Bornemann, Jim
Boyd, Thomas
Boyd, Judith
Brasga, Jill
Bruno, Linda
Conner, Mike
Craft, Jim
Cruz, Jose
Davenport, Juliet
Davenport, Ken
DeMeules, Julie
DeWitt, Ned
DeWitt, Kelly
Dillon, Mark
Duffy, Patrick
Duford, Debra
Duford, Don
Ellis, Gina
Ellis, Ray
Erlendson, Jake
Fackler, Kathy
Fackler, Mark
Ford, Kristen
Forsha Blanchard, Lynda
Forsyth, Tuck
Gamboa, Benjamin
Gleiberman, Samantha
Grattan, Lauren
Greene, Melissa
Hamilton, Steve
Hamilton, Jen
Hartman, Patsy
Hartman, Dave
Jasko, Donald
Jessen, Forsyth Becky
Jin, Lizuo
Kaiser, Andy
Kaji, Raj
Kilian, Scott
Kim, Alex
Kleban, Brad
Kleban, Julie
Klein, Bob
Klein, Wally
Kubarych, Barbara
Kubarych, Ken
Levine, Ellyn
Liberman, Herb
Liberman, Beverly
Lurie, Philip
Lurie, Melané
Lynn, David
McGuigan, Dave
Meader, Dave
Mercer, Carla
Mitchell, Betsy
Motiwalla, Andrew
Neilson, Mark
Nguyen, Vien
O’Leary, Nancy

Page, Mark
Peddie, Dan
Peddie, Mare
Pierce, Laura
Pike, Parker
Pike, Sandra
Prolman, Dr. Jill
Rae, Andrea
Rettig, Darryl
Ross, Joyce
Ross, Rick
Sandstrom, Richard
Selders, Wim
Shean, Erin
Shean, Andrew
Silverman, Lauren
Sorkin, Louarn
Sorkin, Alan
Suski, Joe
Temple, Mary
Thompson, Judy
Thorp, Leslie
Timmons, Sandra
Tritt, Karen
Tritt, Scott
Volyn, Kari

Vonderau, Carl
Wang, Gan

Weiss, Cristina

Weiss, Martin
Zahn, Peter
Zahn, Florence
Zahn, Irwin
Zau, Renee