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What Sets SVP Apart? The SVP Difference

Posted by SDSVP

SVP is far from the typical funder. While most nonprofits attempt to please funders with photos of smiling faces from children they’ve helped or boast about low overhead costs, SVP attempts to pick through the obvious accomplishments and focus on how we can assist in problematic areas. How do we take an organization from good to great?

The process begins with a relationship built on the mutual motivation for the success of the organization. In order to achieve this, time, trust and respect are extremely important. We understand that asking an organization to disclose its flaws is not easy. We want to see what is holding back a staff or organization from reaching its full capabilities. SVP Partners have the responsibility that while they are there to help, advise and guide an Investee’s staff, it requires tact, sensitivity, and respect.

Thank you, Partners, for carrying our work forward!

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