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SVP Partner to Become JIT’s Vice Chair

Posted by SDSVP

We are proud to announce that Partner, Lauren Silverman, has just been elected to the Vice Chair of the Just in Time for Foster Youth Board of Directors.  Lauren got involved with Just In Time for Foster Youth about a year ago, when SVP selected the organization as our new Investee. Prior to this experience, foster youth was not an issue that was even on Lauren’s radar. She had no idea how under-served the need was in San Diego and with a connection from a fellow Partner began working with JIT.

As she learned more and reflected on the needs of her own children, she became even more passionate about the need to support foster youth.  Unlike her own children, foster youth have no parental support system and no guidance to fall back on for learning things that are critical for navigating life. Unfortunately, this lack of support leaves foster youth vulnerable to homelessness and becoming victims of human trafficking.

Lauren’s passion for the cause motivated her to join the board as an active member. She fully believes that being a part of a board does not mean sitting quietly and in her words being “too polite”.  Even though Lauren did not have any previous experience of being a board member prior to JIT,  a combination of her humble attitude, hard work and willingness to speak up shined through and became a tremendous asset. Her advice to others thinking about becoming involved with a Board or becoming a chair is, “Being an officer of the company takes a fair amount of work. Make sure that working with a given organization inspires your passion, spend time volunteering/working with the employees, and become an active board member rather than necessarily being quite or too polite. Be Prepared”

Thank you Lauren Silverman and Just in Time for all the work that you do. We are so grateful to the Partners and organizations that give their time to strengthen our community. SVP is proud to have made this connection and we know Lauren will be an amazing Vice Chair!

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