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Partners Dedicated to Serving Former Investees

Posted by SDSVP

Olivewood Gardens last year graduated as an Investee, but Partners Scott Tritt, Brad Kleban, and Lauren Grattan have been continuing to provide guidance to build their community of supporters. A donor of Olivewood created a great documentary: The Kitchenistas of National City, which they want to leverage. They’ve been helping to build messaging and engagement strategy around the documentary, including a salon event program that allows donors and volunteers to share the Olivewood story with their networks and generate financial support. This tiered model for different donor goals and levels of staff time allows their small team to capture their community’s generosity without crafting a new event concept and materials each time. One recent win is that Brad and Scott helped to mastermind a brief video pitch so that Executive Director Healy Vigderson can ask every Kitchenistas viewer for their support without needing to be in the room each time. Olivewood will be able to use this video for other fundraising initiatives and potentially on their website for passive donations as well. With the advice of the Partners, they’re also revamping some of their existing content (e.g. donation cards & recipe printouts) with a graphic designer. These will be part of the “Salon In A Box” kit for Kitchenistas screening hosts as well as useful for their other fundraising activities.

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