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#whySVP? From the Nonprofits

Posted by SDSVP

Read what some of the nonprofit organizations we’ve worked with have to say about about San Diego Social Venture Partners:

“The impact of SDSVP on day-to-day operations at Community Resource Center is evident across the organization. From board development to improving infrastructure, SDSVP support has increased our productivity and enhanced our ability to provide services to our clients.” –Laurin Pause, Executive Director, Community Resource Center

“[Our partnership with SDSVP] changed the way we’re looking at our programs, allowing us to really evaluate our delivery of them and their sustainability. SDSVP [has] an extremely proficient resource team, with varying skillsets and interests. Of course the financial component is always important, but the human capital that SDSVP invests in their partners is priceless.” –Patrick Stewart, Executive Director, Words Alive

“Social Venture Partners believed in our grass-roots agency and got behind us like no other foundation has. I have had fun working closely with a variety of interesting, talented Partners. The enjoyment seems mutual, which is what makes it all worthwhile.” –Rachel Humphreys, Founder and Executive Director, La Cuna

“SVP was instrumental in helping the Canyons Campaign develop a strategic plan and the tools for sustainable growth. San Diego’s environment will benefit for decades to come.” –Eric Bowlby, Program Manager, Sierra Club- Canyons Campaign

“SDSVP played an integral part in our organization’s growth in the last year-and-a-half through your guidance and referrals. It cannot be overstated how much your Partners’ advice helped our burgeoning organization.” –Laura R. Karch-Capitelli, Founder of Awakenings Health Institute

“My greatest reward is working with these incredible Partners who are helping us move to the next level. They are critical to our growth and long-term success.” –Lisa Grogran, President and CEO, Tariq Khamisa Foundation

“Thanks to SDSVP’s continued support, we moved from applying for only 24% of the State funds available to 82%. Because of our clearer focus, the San Diego rea is now attracting a measurable increase in funding for supportive housing.” –Simonne Ruff, Director, Corporation for Supportive Housing

“SDSVP brought an energy and enthusiasm to this project that was contagious. The dedication of the Partners was an inspiration to our entire staff. The guidance that SDSVP provided at strategic junctures was irreplaceable. It was clear the Partners were doing what they do best: being entrepreneurs and launching new projects!” –Marion Paul, Executive Vice President, Junior Achievement

“When I look back upon this past year and the countless blessings I’ve been fortunate enough to receive, I count on you as one of those blessings. Your trust in us never wavered, and your mentorship added significantly to the growth of EJE. My appreciation for your help and support is never taken lightly. Your partnership and support made me realize that, by working together, we can do things we never dreamed possible.” –Eva Pacheco, Executive Director, Excellence and Justice in Education

“What is unique about the SDSVP partnership is that it provides multiple-year funding, as well as creative and dedicated personnel, to launch new programs. Multiple-year funding helps create an entrepreneurial environment in non-profits because it provides an additional incentive to stay the course when a new idea becomes challenging.” –Marion Pal, Executive Vice President, Junior Achievement

“SDSVP has taken HDF from a relatively unknown organization to being well respected and recognized in the community. In short, I cannot imagine where HDF would be right now, without the input, assistance and genuine interest of SDSVP and its Partners. SDSU’s OPEN GATE Program Evaluation now verifies what we knew empirically, that we have a sophisticated program that makes a difference in the lives of highly gifted, low income children.” –Marjorie Fox, President & CEO, Human Development Foundation

“SDSVP’s unique “roadmap” proposal format guides organizations to set goals, define milestones and define precisely what their successful outcome will be. The plan successfully melds solid business expectation with entrepreneurial energy to drive solid results. We at The San Diego Foundation are now replicated a similar “Results Matter” operations model.” –Bob Kelly, President & CEO, The San Diego Foundation

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