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Thank you Harriet!

Posted by execdirect
SVPSA Chairman of the Board Jennifer Moriarty, Executive Director Becky Dinnin, Partner Harriet Marmon Helmle and Haven for Hope CEO Kenny Wilson

Harriet Marmon Helmle is not new to starting amazing things in Alamo City. When Harriet visited her niece, Gayle Munns, in Seattle in 2016, having coffee at Starbucks (of course), she heard about an organization called Social Venture Partners (SVP), which combines philanthropy and consulting and that it was transforming nonprofits there. She knew the model would work in San Antonio.

When she returned home, John Eadie and Justin Pawl of Covenant Multifamily Services also discussed the idea, without her knowledge from a contact in the Austin SVP affiliate. They announced they would volunteer Harriet as the first Executive Director to get it started immediately.

Harriet started San Antonio Youth Literacy in 1983. She is currently an active board member for eight organizations and has served on more nonprofit boards and councils than would fill this page. Therefore, it goes without saying that Social Venture Partners San Antonio could not have done better than to have Harriet begin the effort in San Antonio. Just 24 months later, we have dozens of partners actively providing financial support, and who have invested many hours of volunteer time for our first investee. The next year looks even brighter because she laid a solid foundation.

SVP San Antonio honored Harriet’s role at the Holiday Celebration on November 29th with an honorary $1,000 gift to the Beamer Helmle Haven for Hope Kennels in her name.

“Harriet’s contributions to the kennels have been profound,” Kenny Wilson, Haven for Hope CEO said. “Her gifts allowed us to help many people through our programs that would never consider it because they needed a shelter for their animals. Harriet made this happen, and countless lives have been transformed as a result.”

This month, Harriet transitioned from Executive Director to  Partner. She turned the reigns over to Becky Dinnin, the new Executive Director. She will continue to be highly engaged as a member of the Board of Directors and working to continually grow our partner network.