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Tim Schottman visit to SVP SA

Posted by Billy Cox

We were thrilled to host Tim Schottman here in San Antonio. Tim is the CEO of the Social Venture Partners Network Office. That means Tim is at the helm of one of the most interesting organizations in the world of which SVP SA is proud to be one of the affiliates. Tim brings more than three decades […] Read More »

Child abuse and neglect: Partner meeting podcast

Posted by Billy Cox

We were honored to have Judge John Specia, Judge Peter Sakai, and the CEO from Children’s Shelter Annette Rodriguez address the group on the actions being taking in our community regarding child abuse and neglect as well the areas where groups such as SVP SA can get involved and make a difference. Although now back in private […] Read More »

Podcasts from July 27 Partner meeting

Posted by Billy Cox

On July 27, 2016, SVP San Antonio held a Partner meeting. This is the first of a series of meetings where we invite experts in our community to speak on critical issues facing the community and actions that are currently being taken to address those issues. At this meeting we had 3 outstanding speakers present […] Read More »

Quick survey of San Antonio Philanthropy (and more)

Posted by Billy Cox

As I am new (again) to San Antonio, I took some time to get a high level view of both the charitable investment landscape broadly as well as specifically in San Antonio. It is easy to tally over $250M in investments in San Antonio, therefore one would expect to find significant activity – and indeed […] Read More »

Why SVPSA is Important

Posted by Justin Pawl
Justin Pawl, Hope Phillips, John Eadie

I have always had it in my heart to help people that have not been given the same opportunities as me.  While my community involvement in my younger days was limited to food drives and the occasional volunteer work, the older I get the stronger is the pull to make a difference in the world. […] Read More »

Why I am passionate about SVP

Posted by Harriet Marmon Helmle

What I remember most about growing up was the “Friday Night Poker Dinners”. This may sound a little strange until I explain what the dinners were all about. There were six couples, all close friends. The women were all stay at home moms and the men were all very prominent business leaders in San Antonio. […] Read More »