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Tim Schottman visit to SVP SA

Posted by Billy Cox

We were thrilled to host Tim Schottman here in San Antonio. Tim is the CEO of the Social Venture Partners Network Office. That means Tim is at the helm of one of the most interesting organizations in the world of which SVP SA is proud to be one of the affiliates.

Tim brings more than three decades of executive experience in building global networks and developing leaders across cultures – plus seven active years as an SVP partner – Tim is uniquely suited for the job.

Michelle Tim and Pricsilla

(Michelle Walsh, Tim Schottman, and Priscilla Hill Ardoin )

Tim has already provided contacts to help SVP SA be a stronger, more effective partner in our community. We look forward to further support and coaching from Tim and the team in SVP Network Office.

Bob Dugas Lisa Brunsvold Scott Barr

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