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“It made me question what we really do at SVP” – Aasiya Tejani, SVP Pune Partner on the SVP Global Conference

Posted by shubha

I was fortunate to have attended the SVP Global Conference in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. Kudos to SVP for pulling off such a well-organized event and a big thank you to the host – SVP Los Angeles. Like most conferences one expects some networking opportunities and some learning. All sessions were very informative […] Read More »

“SVP India has the potential to become a network for seriously disruptive and transformative change” – Larry Fox, SVP International Board Member

Posted by shubha

SVP International Board Member and SVP Portland Partner Larry Fox recently visited SVP India chapters in Mumbai and Bangalore. In a candid letter to SVP Partners, Larry shares his thoughts on the millions job goal, expanding the network, affiliation to SVP International and more. Drawing from his experiences at SVP Portland, he offers some great insights and advice. Read More »

A Night to Remember

Posted by Narendra Goidani

Narendra Goidani, Chair, SVP Pune Grants Committee, recounts his night spent in the slum of Janwadi Read More »

“SVP can create a Culture of Self Belief” – Shripal Gandhi, SVP Pune

Posted by Shumita Mahajan

"The biggest concern today is to get the deprived sections of society to believe in their own selves. SVP being a group of successful individuals can actually reinstill this belief amongst this section," says SVP Partner Shripal Gandhi. Read More »

They came; they saw; they were conquered

Posted by shumitamahajan
The girls at Anjuman completely wowed the group with their wonderful handiwork and the guests got some pretty jewelry boxes as gifts

February saw SVP Pune play host to SVP International Board members. The five member group comprised of SVP International Chair Kevin Shaw, his wife Joyce Shaw, Partner at Cleveland, Nancy Heinen, Chair of SV2 (Silicon Valley), Martin Goodman, Partner, San Diego and Peter Kelly, Partner at Seattle as well as Beijing.  6th February 2015 The […] Read More »

Fast Five with Samana Tejani

Posted by Shumita Mahajan

Samana Tejani, efficiently straddles two worlds. As Director of Operations, Gits Food Products Pvt. Ltd., she ensures her company forges ahead, and as a ‘Shaper’ with the Global Shaper Community, a World Economic Initiative (Pune hub), she gives back to the social community as well. A graduate from Purdue University, USA, Samana is on the managing committee of Help Life, an NGO working to empower differently-abled adolescent girls and has also instituted the Educate Pune project, which aims to make schools that cater to under privileged kids sustainable. As the SVP lead partner for Ekansh, Samana hopes to enable employability of the physically disabled. Read More »

“SVP is here at the right time and has great potential for scaling” – Kumar Gera, Chair, Portfolio Grants Committee, SVP Pune

Posted by Shumita Mahajan

Suave and debonair, Kumar Gera, Chairman, Gera Developments Pvt Ltd walks into a room and immediately he is the cynosure of attention. The undisputed real estate mogul he may be, but as SVP Pune’s Portfolio Grants Committee Chair, his avuncular nature wins hearts all around and his hawk eyed observations earn him the respect of the partnership. Shumita Mahajan speaks to the gallant gentleman as he speaks of the many initiatives he champions. Read More »