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Partnering is so important to us, it’s in our name! We are more than just a membership organization; we are Partners leveraging our unique assets and diverse perspectives for a common goal. Working together, we make positive, lasting change in our community.

In Portland, we have nearly 200 Investor Partners who pool their money, expertise, and influence to make a bigger difference than anyone could alone.  Internationally, we’re more than 3,000 Partners in 40 communities. The Partners come from a variety of backgrounds, across all ages.

  • Investor Partners are the professionals, businesses, and foundations that invest some combination of money, time, expertise, and connections to achieve our mission and goal.
  • Encore Fellows are seasoned professionals transitioning into social purpose work in the “encore” of their lives.
  • Rising Leaders for Social Good are young professionals in their 20s and 30s participating in a year-long philanthropy leadership development and volunteering program.
  • SVP Youth are budding philanthropists ages 9-17.

As engaged philanthropists, our Investor Partners want to clearly see the impact they are making with us. We keep them informed about our progress and community issues with data-rich reports, news items, and stories. We also celebrate the efforts and learn together with events, dinner discussions, and an Annual Partners Meeting.

Want to know our Partners better? Click here to meet some of them. Then come to our next event.

Interested in giving your time and talents to a local nonprofit?  Explore the current volunteer opportunities.

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