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Ready for Kindergarten

The Time is Now

“Instead of helping some kids beat the odds, why don’t we just change the odds?”

– Geoffrey Canada, CEO of Harlem Children’s Zone

For all of us, success or failure begins in the cradle, in a parent’s arms and in a playgroup or preschool.  Chances are, you got that loving touch, those bedtime stories, exuberant play in the park and a crayon to unleash your inner Picasso.

For 29,649 youngsters in our community–more than 50% of them–these are no guarantee.  Having never held a crayon, writing in kindergarten becomes your first point of failure.  Without the bedtime stories, they don’t even know which way to turn the pages.  Without the loving touch of a parent and healthy play with peers, skills that are essential ingredients for success in life—perseverance, attentiveness and self-control—are simply out of the question.

Learn about what is lost when we don’t ensure a community that works for all young children. Learn about the struggles of tomorrow we cast on our children today: prison, poverty and loss of career potential.

Then get involved because…we unleash their potential by unleashing our own.

Join our Ready for Kindergarten Collaborative with the All Hands Raised Partnership to ensure all children are ready for kindergarten…and a lifetime of success.

In the summer of 2013, SVP put out a Ready for Kindergarten Investment Call to Community that led to the selection of two new Investees.

Become an SVP donor and be a part of the solution. See a list of our generous donors to the campaign linked here.