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Portland One of First ‘Encore Fellowships’ Cities

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland

Portland Becomes One of the First Cities in the Nation To Create ‘Encore Fellowships’ for Seasoned Professionals

HP, Social Venture Partners Portland Recognize Value In Bringing Corporate Talent to Nonprofit Sector.

PORTLAND, OR. – February 9, 2011 –Social Venture Partners Portland (SVPP) is introducing a nationally-recognized retirement-to-nonprofit fellowship program in the Portland/Vancouver metro area this month. The launch follows SVPP’s selection by Civic Ventures, a Bay-area catalyst for innovation and service by the retiring Baby Boomer generation, to expand their successful Encore Fellows Program locally with generous first-year sponsorship from Hewlett Packard Co.

“With so many Boomers retiring everywhere, we are thrilled to share our model with SVPP for utilizing retiree expertise to drive significant impact for nonprofits,” said Leslye Louie, National Director, Encore Fellowships Network, and Senior Fellow, Civic Ventures. “SVPP is a clear local leader for this type of highly leveraged community investment.”

In pioneering this launch, SVPP builds on a decade of successful leveraged investments in Portland-area nonprofit agencies using their “venture philanthropy” model. Partners invested in SVPP traditionally give $5,000/year and lend professional expertise to selected nonprofit agencies. The Partners have invested over $1.7 million in sixteen nonprofit agencies since 2001.

In addition to introducing the program to increase positive impact with SVPP’s investment focus area–nonprofits improving life for children, youth and families at risk–SVPP is acting as the incubator for Encore Fellows in the local market to support a full range of nonprofits in the future through other program operators. SVPP expects to place six or more Partner Fellows at qualifying non-profits in 2011, expanding in 2012 and beyond.

“We’re thrilled to be making this connection between business talent and nonprofit need in a new way for Portland and Vancouver,” said Mark Holloway, SVPP Executive Director. “These Fellows are going to significantly amplify the positive community impact our Partnership is making. And they get an ‘encore’ instead of a retirement!”

SVPP’s Partner Fellows are seasoned private-sector professionals in or near retirement who are sponsored by their companies and communities to offer professional expertise and passion for a cause in a high-impact, high-priority project with one of greater Portland’s most visionary nonprofits. Fellows take on roles that deliver significant, sustained impact to their nonprofit “host” organizations. During the fellowship period (typically 1000+ hours over 6-12 months), Fellows earn a stipend, learn about social-purpose work, and develop a network of contacts and resources for their future—potentially an “encore” career in the community sector.

Non-profit agencies, companies or organizations interested in providing sponsorship, and individuals interested in Fellowships can learn more about the program on the Partner Fellows webpage or can contact Fellow Program Director Paul Speer at paul-at-svpportland.org.


About Social Venture Partners Portland

Social Venture Partners Portland is a member-governed and -funded nonprofit organization of engaged citizens committed to achieving measurable social change in the four county area surrounding Portland, Oregon. The Partners give time, money, and expertise to strengthen innovative nonprofit organizations and develop strategic solutions to community problems. It is an affiliate of SVP International, a network of 25 organizations and 2000 Partners following the “venture philanthropy” model of investing around the world. For more information, please contact Executive Director Mark Holloway at 503-222-0114, or mark-at-svpportland.org.

About Civic Ventures and the Encore Fellowships Network

Civic Ventures is a San Francisco-based think tank on boomers, work and social purpose. Civic Ventures created the Encore Fellowships Network, which provides information, tools and communities that make the design, launch and operation of an Encore Fellowships program as easy as possible. For more information about encore careers and Civic Ventures, visit www.encore.org or contact Stefanie Weiss, sweiss-at-civicventures.org. For more information about the Encore Fellowships Network, visit www.encore.org/fellowships or contact Leslye Louie, llouie-at-encorefellowships.net.