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Seeking SVP Investment

We make community impact by investing our resources in Portland nonprofits, community collaborations, and transformational leaders. We call these organizations our “Investees.” SVP invests the financial, human, and social capital of our Partner donors, typically over several years.  We only currently invest in ways of advancing our Ready for Kindergarten goal.

We’re not going to lie. We ask a lot of our Investees. And we’re not perfect. Our venture philanthropy model is not right for all organizations or at all stages of their development. Still, our Investees say it’s worth every ounce of effort if the fit and timing is right.

We are always seeking new investment opportunities and invite anyone to call us with a pitch or an idea. We do not operate on grant cycles and do not issue requests for proposals. If an investment seems to offer possibilities for advancing our Ready for Kindergarten goal, we host a series of conversations with the prospective Investee to explore how their organization/program could achieve broader or deeper community impact with SVP’s resources. If we mutually agree there is strong potential for impact by working together, we co-create a partnership proposal and pitch it to our Partnership.

Our current investment criteria for a nonprofit or community agency include:

  • Serves priority populations
  • Builds capacity towards achieving significant impact on current goal
  • Promotes cross-organization/sector ‘collective impact’ collaboration
  • Fills clear gap in community services
  • Leverages SVP resources and strengths (or offers strong potential to do so)
  • Organization or group of organizations in which to invest exists

If you meet these criteria and want to talk more about partnering with us, contact us and tell us more about your initiative.

Learn more about our current Investees.