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Some moments in life define us. They mark if we are “go for it” people or “play it safe” people.

We know which of these people we are and what we do at this moment counts more than ever for the underserved children we have dedicated ourselves to support.

This particular moment is one we have long worked toward. Our Partnership has:

  • Invested $1 million in cash
  • Volunteered $2.2 million worth of expertise
  • Brought along $7.8 million in additional revenue to 18 Ready for Kindergarten nonprofits

$149,300!Our partnership has strengthened them and scaled up their services. Many are serving ten times as many kids as they were before our investment. What’s more, we have become partners in busting through the structural barriers facing their kids and families. Our kids and families.

That brings us to this moment. We saw a barrier and we’re storming to break it down. Quality preschool is a clear game-changer for kids living in poverty, yet more than 70% of these kids in Portland don’t have access. It makes clear economic sense–paying back $7-$10 for every dollar spent–yet no one has led the charge to make it happen. Enter SVP!

By using our strengths in developing strategy, creating momentum from inertia, and bringing people from the private, public and nonprofit sectors into partnership, we developed a swing-for-the-fences effort to provide preschool for 7,000 kids left out of preschool. The Preschool for All Task Force launched at the end of September, convened by a county commissioner and supported by our Partnership. It has brought together the community leadership necessary to plan and secure what’s required for this goal. So, this is our moment to make the biggest difference yet and finish what we’ve started.

Kicked off by the incredible lead gift by our friends at Bank of America, two amazing Partners, Holly and Zach Levow, have already responded to this huge opportunity by committing $100,000 and they challenge you to match it!