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SVP’s office is located in downtown Portland in the Center for Philanthropy Building. Please feel free to drop by or give us a ring! If you need to reach someone in particular, please see our staff list.

Our Address

221 NW Second Avenue

Suite 210-E

Portland, Oregon 97209

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Phone: 503.222.0114
Email: info@svpportland.org


Transportation & Parking

There is ample street parking available around the SVP offices. There is also a SmartPark located at 33 NW Davis Street for all your parking needs. 

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Choosing Her Own Path: Cheryl Edmonds’ Story

To say Cheryl Edmonds’ life has been a long and winding road would be an understatement. At various times an art store owner, children’s dress designer, engineer, psychology student, and non-profit executive, she has never been one to get stuck in a rut. “I’ve always looked for new ways of doing things, new opportunities,” she says. “That’s how I’m wired.” Read More »

One Partner’s Journey

After leaving Microsoft in 2000, I knew I wasn't ready to retire and I wanted to find meaningful work that gave me satisfaction. Given how fortunate I was for having worked at Microsoft, I was looking for the right opportunity that would allow me to give back to the community. I heard about Social Venture Partners, and was immediately interested... Read More »

Savvy at Serendipity: Creative Thinking in Action

What do a llama, a marketing whiz and a videographer all have in common? If you said they all enjoy making a scene, you would be clever but wrong. In this case, they have each shared their hearts with SVP Investee, The Serendipity Center, in a time when resources, bandwidth and community support were most desired. Read More »