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SVP International

Mobilize Philanthropists

We direct resources to support our community’s children and families.

We believe the resources to achieving our kindergarten readiness goal already exist in the Portland metro area in the form of good intentions, best efforts, and untapped or under-utilized services and resources. What we lack are widespread awareness of the critical needs and effective practices, pathways for every citizen to support them, and activation of the community on a wide enough scale and culturally appropriate ways to provide adequate early childhood support for children and families.

SVP plays a key role in opening this flow of support. We expand the use of exceptional talent and pro bono resources, serve as strong advocates and connectors across sectors, and develop innovative strategies for unleashing new sources of support. We mobilize and partner with other foundations and philanthropists to spread what works and attract critical resources to the goal.


Help support children and families in our community. Partner with us.