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Encore Fellows Spotlight: Molly Olson

Posted by sarahcohendoherty

Molly Olson recently retired from Intel with over 35 years leading strategic programs and managing technical design and operations teams in the semiconductor and electrical equipment industries. She is a certified New Ventures leadership coach and focuses her consulting and coaching on strategic planning, implementation planning, program management and leadership development. Read More »

SVP Welcomes Darren!

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland

In May, we welcomed Darren Davidson as our Vice President of Operations & Finance, taking over the day-to-day administration from Mark, who will now put his focus on vision-building, strategy, and fund development. Darren comes to SVP with a strong background in business management, financial analysis, process development, and information technology so it’s no surprise […] Read More »

Partner of the Month – Cory Mathews

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland

As one of SVP’s Lead Partners, Cory Mathews has been a dedicated thought partner for the leadership of the Community Education Workers program (CEW)*, an SVP community investment since 2014. He has consistently helped them work towards long term stability and growth. In the past year, Cory stepped that up, playing a key role in […] Read More »

Big Picture Progress Update – August 2018

Posted by markholloway

The progress with our portfolio of community investments and Ready for Kindergarten goal has been remarkable in the last year. In August 2017, we began to focus on ensuring access to pre-K education for all children in our community. Research and experience have shown this is a critical element of a thriving community. In Multnomah […] Read More »

Meet Barb Wood, Encore Fellows Engagement Lead

Posted by sarahcohendoherty

After twenty-five years in nonprofit leadership and management, plus extensive education in human development, Barb’s innate curiosity about people and their lives makes her a perfect fit for the “Matchmaker” position with the Encore Fellows Program. She came to this position having first applied to be a Fellow herself. Read More »

Pull Up a Chair…Early Childhood Updates

Posted by sarahcohendoherty

As capacity builders, SVP is known for being a leader behind the public leader. This is why we have been invited to seats at early childhood decision-making tables, where we play a role in driving a cohesive strategy and alignment in. Together, across sectors, we are building the capacity of our community to ensure that all children have access to high quality, culturally relevant early learning experiences. Please read on for a snapshot of important conversations in which SVP is participating at the State and local levels. Read More »

Embracing Equity: Carlo’s Story

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland

Carlo Delumpa is an SVP Partner, Board of Director, and he chairs our Equity Committee. He is a strong advocate of our work in advancing racial equity and capacity building, and has been an SVP Partner since 2012. Below is his "equity journey" story. Read More »