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Embracing Equity: Carlo’s Story

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland

Carlo Delumpa is an SVP Partner, Board of Director, and he chairs our Equity Committee. He is a strong advocate of our work in advancing racial equity and capacity building, and has been an SVP Partner since 2012. Below is his “equity journey” story. My father immigrated to the United States from the Philippines after World War […] Read More »

Proving and Improving Our Impact

Posted by sarahcohendoherty

We are effective at accelerating growth and building the capacity of nonprofits that we partner with. The results show that we are effective because of the following key elements: Read More »

Encore Fellows Spotlight: Dwayne Canfield

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland

Dwayne grew up in a rural Washington town dominated by timber and agriculture, with a twin brother and much family around. He left the small town to attend Portland State University, where he studied electrical engineering. Dwayne joined Intel in 1988 in a technical role, but quickly gravitated to marketing and business, and cemented that […] Read More »

Bolder and Brighter: New Faces With a New Vision for Portland

Posted by sarahcohendoherty

On Friday, June 15, our Partnership convened with Portland Public Schools Superintendent, Guadalupe Guerrero; and Oregon’s Early Learning Council Chair, Sue Miller, for an armchair discussion surrounding Portland’s progressive vision for education in Portland, and how that will take place in the years to come. John Branam, SVP Investor Partner and Board Member moderated. Here’s what we took away: Read More »

Encore Fellows Spotlight: Louis Weisberg

Posted by sarahcohendoherty

When Louis decided to retire from Intel, after twenty years in project and program management, he was looking forward to doing something else, this time in the social impact sector. As he interviewed for his Encore Fellowship as Generation to Generation Project Leader for Metropolitan Family Service in Portland, OR, he realized he wanted to […] Read More »

Advancing Preschool for All: The Highlight Reel

Posted by markholloway

By SVP Board Member, Charlie Gilkey SVP hosted an “Advancing Preschool for All” Dinner at a the home of our Board Advisor, Linda Hassan Anderson. We didn’t know it then, but we were walking into a rich conversation that was beautiful in both its mayhem and its insanity. Here’s what we learned, : Early childhood […] Read More »

Partners of the Month: Holly and Zachary Levow

Posted by Sagarika Ravishankar

Holly and Zachary Levow are dedicated and generous Partners who inspire us with their vision and drive every day. Holly and Zach were members of the SVP network before their introduction to SVP Portland, serving as Partners at SV2, the Silicon Valley’s SVP affiliate. They joined SVP Portland in February of 2014. Read More »