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Wendy Weissman, Board Chair’s Award for Passion and Service 2017

Posted by Sagarika Ravishankar


At the Annual Partners Meeting on October 19th, Wendy Weissman was named the Board Chair’s Award for Passion and Service recipient. Wendy has been a dedicated member of the SVP community and has been Lead of Leads (the Lead Partner-in-charge for our investments) for multiple years. She’s gone above and beyond in her commitment to our mission and our goals, and we’re thrilled to be honoring her this year.

Wendy served as Lead Partner for KairosPDX and the Native American Youth and Family Association (NAYA) as needed. “Wendy is thoughtful. Wendy is caring. Wendy is compassionate. Wendy is a champion. In a world that continues to separate us, Wendy reminds us all that good people still exist,” said Charles McGee, Executive Director of BPI. One of her most valuable traits is her insistence on treating the people around her as equals, and as partners. Without Wendy, our direct work with the Investees may not have been possible.

Wendy offers so much to the SVP family, and we don’t know what we’d do without her. CEO Mark Holloway said “Wendy has been a true partner and sage for me. Her generosity of spirit and commitment to making a difference is second to none, and it inspires and brings out the best in me. I wish we had 1,000 Wendys at SVP and in the world. We would all be better for it.”

Here’s what our community members had to say about Wendy:

“It is easier to sneak a sunrise past a rooster than it is to get a weak argument past Wendy. She is bright and a bright light. Makes us all feel better. A great Partner.” —Larry Fox

“Her supportiveness was a very important factor in the success we had with the engagement with CBB.” —Ron Eiseman

“I’ve truly enjoyed working with Wendy. Her dedication to doing good is unmatched, and she has the skills and intelligence to make a huge impact in our community. She also has a warm and engaging personality that makes people want to work alongside her.” —Jeff Mazer

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  1. Asia Wisecarver

    Wendy is a phenominal spirit, brilliant, thoughtful, passionate and committed. So glad to see her recognized for the amazing work she does in our community.

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