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Moving onwards and upwards with BPI

Posted by Sagarika Ravishankar


Over the past year, we have helped the Black Parent Initiative (BPI) make impressive progress, from completing the strategic planning process to nearly finalizing the new board and governance structure. In August, we helped to formally orient new board members, hired an Operations Director, and have formalized a strategy around new hires. We have clarified our fund development goals for the upcoming years, and because of the structural changes we’ve accomplished, we’ve completed the hiring of new doulas in the Sacred Roots Doula program, and are in the process of hiring a Doula Coordinator. As a direct result of the program development work that we’ve done, BPI has stronger proposals for their Pre-Birth Through First 1,000 Days programs. Those proposals will lead to more successful grants and funds leveraged via the SVP Partnership.

We have formally renewed our Partnership with BPI, and in the coming year we will have broader and deeper outcome data, so we will be better prepared to expand and share knowledge with others serving Black families in the community.

We’re pleased to announce that the Lead Partner role will be taken over by Encore Fellow and Partner Fred Bruderlin. Fred ran a major tech subsidiary of Moda Health for 9 years and served on the Virginia Garcia Board of Directors for 6 years. We’re incredibly fortunate to welcome him into the Partnership.

BPI’s primary focus is ensuring that the “first 1,000 days” for children and new families include support for families and pathways towards good health, strong connections to extend families and communities, and sustainable housing and income. For low-income families of color, these are foundational components to a successful future. In short, BPI’s primary focus is the life and breath of our R4K goal.

To hear more about SVP’s collective impact, join us for the Annual Partners Meeting!

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