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Welcome our newest Partners!

Posted by Sagarika Ravishankar

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Hello Partners,

We have good news! We are at 18 percent of our new partner goal, which means we have a bundle of new faces who are ready to tackle the R4K mountain with us. We are incredibly lucky to have these brilliant people on board, and we’re excited to see how they will contribute to the community. Make sure to give them a warm welcome when you see them!

Want to get to know your fellow Partners? Check out the full Partner roster. Know someone who would make an astounding and amazing SVP Partner? Refer them to Rebecca Brown Schroeder! The more the merrier.

Here’s the list of new Partners who joined in the first half of the year:

Stephen Strong

Tami Strong

Jim Zuiches

Carol Zuiches

Mary Geelan

Simone Wren

Will Jaquiss

Carri Munn

Sarah Marin

Jean-Claude Marin

Lori Flexer

Teresa Gonczy

Graham Covington

Mike Gunter

Fred Trullinger

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