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SVP Youth Accepting Gifts for PCLC

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Dear Friend,

With the holidays just around the corner, Social Venture Partners Youth (SVPY) is reaching the half-year mark of our inaugural year! SVPY is a branch of SVP Portland that works to immerse youth in the world of philanthropy and social impact, with a specific focus on kindergarten readiness in the Portland metro area. Our current members range from ages 10-16 and come from all across the Portland metro area.
 -Nadya O.

This year, Social Venture Partners Youth has decided to invest in and partner with Peninsula Children’s Learning Center (PCLC), a former SVP Investee. Our goal in our partnership with PCLC is to learn about and support the center’s mission to provide affordable childcare and early education.
-Ameya O.

Peninsula Children’s Learning Center is an organization that provides high-quality affordable childcare and education to children in N and NE Portland. They teach them to read, write, and learn when their parents are out at work or in school. What makes PCLC special is that it provides care and education to anyone, no matter their financial circumstance. With each student, and each class, PCLC is making a difference.
-Issa O.

We are currently working to fundraise for the SVP Youth and PCLC partnership. All of us will be so grateful for donations of any amount. Funds up to $1000 will help us purchase things like musical instruments and CDs for the children at PCLC.  $2000 will go toward learning materials such as new books for their library. Lastly, if we raise $3000 we could provide a big gift like a new outdoor playhouse for the children.
-Ella S.

The SVPY group will be collecting donations throughout November and December. We accept monetary donations as well as new, kid-friendly picture books and audio CDs. If you would like to support our work, you can either send your tax-deductible donation to the SVP office (221 NW 2nd Ave, Suite 210E) or bring it to the SVP Holiday Party.
-Nadya O.

We hope that you have a wonderful holiday season and look forward to collaborating with you to make a difference and prepare children for kindergarten.

We thank you for your time and generosity,

SVP Youth

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